POV: it’s Halloween and your manicure *is* the moment.

The ultimate in Halloween accessories, there’s nothing quite like a sh*t-hot set to elevate your cat ears, but when the designs are this good, you needn’t bother with the hassle of finding a fancy-dress outfit.

Whether you’re thinking all black with a side of Morticia Addams energy, bats, spider webs or ghosts, this season appropriate manis will give you all the inspo you need just in time for fright night.

Here’s 30 Halloween manicures with straight up Hocus Pocus vibes.

1. Cats, pumpkins and ghosts for Little Miss Indecisive.

2. A bit of commotion for the tips.

3. A supernatural set to get you in the spirit of things.

4. A monochrome mood for the minimalist witches.

5. It’s the cat for us.

6. Simply manicure ghouls.

7. It’s giving black flame candle.

8. Pink is the moment.

9. Category is: subtle and celestial.

10. Orange tips for anyone still in their PSL era.

11. It’s called black magic Karen, look it up.

12. Blood but make it chic.

13. A Halloween set that’ll see you through to Nov’ cos #costofliving

14. Quite literally, out of this world.

15. Cat got your tongue?

16. A set to get you in the spirit of things.

17. Swamp green? Sign us up.

18. Halloween but make it Legally Blonde.

19. If this isn’t a set *made* for a Hocus Pocus 2 viewing, we don’t know what is. Come sisters, we fly buy.

20. Smiley faces a la Harry Styles coming in hot.

21. Black Friday, the prelude.

22. Teeny tiny monsters. Cute!

23. Witchy but wearable, black glitter polish is an excellent choice.

24. Midnight hues and Cinderella-worthy gourds.

25. Just a girl who loves Halloween but won’t watch *any* scary movies.

26. Black lace for the corpse bride.

27. Cruella de Vil would love these puppies.

28. Go grunge green for the occasion.

29. We hear vampires are allergic to CHANEL.

30. Hand-painted evil eyes to ward off all those walking talking red flags.

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