The heatwave might be over, but keep reading and you’ll be feeling the heat through the screen…

When it comes to those that are of the top-tier sexy category, there are certain things that may appear mundane in your day-to-day life that are suddenly catapulted into the too-hot-to-handle section as soon as you’ re feeling the butterflies for that certain someone. A cool outfit, a smoooooth voice and good manners might be considered typically attractive, but what about the weird and wacky things that are hot AF but a *little* off-piste? Sometimes it’s the characteristics you can’t quite put your finger on that are the most captivating of all, and the combination of any more than two together is guaranteed to have you catching feelings…

  1. These may be in no particular order but a hand on the back of the headrest whilst reversing takes the number one spot regardless.
  2. Veins.
  3. Accents. All of ’em.
  4. … But especially Irish. Look no further than Paul Mescal in Normal People.
  5. It’s 2022 and therefore a mustache and a mullet will take you far.
  6. When they’re attentive and remember small things about you. Honestly the bar is so low.
  7. If they’re into reading they just got 200+ attractive points. It’s not hard to be hot!
  8. Not just being clean, but smelling GOOD. A memorable, lingering scent goes a long way.
  9. Straight out of the shower, wet hair and in nothing but a towel- does it get better?
  10. Has houseplants. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  11. When they’re a Swiftie- sorry we don’t make the rules!
  12. If their sleeves are rolled up- especially when wearing a shirt at the end of the day- consider us a goner.
  13. A strong backhand in tennis is peak ‘would die 4 u’ territory.
  14. A clenched jaw.
  15. If they’re good with kids, consider us ready for marriage.
  16. The tiny bit of neck where a guy’s hair meets his skin. Hot.
  17. Taking off a belt. The sound, the motion, the connotations.
  18. dimples.
  19. They have a favorite Harry Styles song.
  20. A bit of sweat, not in an OTT way but in a pheromones-making-us-hot-under-the-collar kind of way.
  21. Missy bedhead hair.
  22. Speaking passionately about something = instant turn-on.
  23. Smile lines.
  24. When they talk about their feelings- emotional vulnerability is sexy, people!
  25. If they can speak more than one language they’re getting it.
  26. When they text to make sure you got home safe.
  27. They appreciate the finer things in life, aka a good romcom.
  28. They’re not on social media. Hypocritical? Yes. Hot? Also yes.
  29. Knows their love language.
  30. Can cook a mean roast dinner.
  31. They say hello to dogs in the street.
  32. They make time to see their grandparents regularly.

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