From jorts to Crocs, gilets to oversized everything, this summer we’re stanning practical over pretty and embracing the ‘ugly’ fashion trends making a comeback. The rule of thumb seems to be: if you wouldn’t be seen dead in it during year 9, it’s cool now. Fashion can be confusing, eh?

Haters gonna hate, but Internet fashion legends such as Leandra Medine Cohen of Man Repeller (RIP) made it cool to embrace self-expression in all of its forms. Her and other self-confessed man repellers helped create a culture of irreverence in which zany, out-there and downright ugly clothing suddenly became cool, and we love the Man Repeller legacy to this day.

In a world in which FaceTune and blur filters are the norm, sometimes putting on a knitted vest and pair of Birkenstocks may feel like the most refreshing choice you can make. Stomp on!

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