Knowing when and how potatoes are harvested is incredible and easy. Potato plants are happy to show up and tell you exactly when you can harvest potatoes. The part of growing your own potatoes is all the potato varieties that you have as an option.

How and when to harvest potatoes as a beginner

Not only is it easy to grow potatoes from seed potatoes whether you plant them in the ground or in grow bags, but they are very easy to harvest as well. I suggest planting potatoes for every home gardener. You can even grow it in a raised bed or a growing bag. Potatoes are the simplest vegetable that can be grown as a novice gardener because they require very little effort. I highly suggest planting potatoes if you have a beginner garden or especially if you are growing a garden with kids. It’s best if plants tell you exactly when it’s time to harvest. Below you will find all the information you need to know exactly when to harvest potatoes, how to harvest, and how best to store potatoes for long storage.

How and when to harvest potatoes as a beginner

When are potatoes harvested?

Everyone loves to harvest potatoes. My son calls it an archaeological dig because that’s exactly what potato harvesting feels like. Kids will love it, but knowing the right time is the only major challenge. Here are the simplest things to look for when deciding when to harvest potatoes:

  • The plants bloomed in the first part of the season
  • Dry and non-irrigated soil
  • The plants died over two weeks ago

How and when to harvest potatoes as a beginner

How do we harvest potatoes?

Starting a potato harvest is as easy as figuring out when to harvest. To harvest, you will need a container to put it in before you start harvesting. This can be a bucket or a box that you can wash in. You will also need a garden fork if you plant it in the ground and some garden gloves.

in Earth:

  1. Place the garden fork in the ground about one foot from the base of the plant.
  2. Dig the potatoes out with a garden fork to expose the roots and tubers (potatoes) from the bottom of the plant.
  3. Some potatoes may remain in the ground, so be sure to search well with gloves to remove them all.

grow bag:

  1. Lift and empty the grow bag wherever you want to leave the soil.
  2. Take your gloved hands and move the soil around to pull out all the potatoes.
  3. Put all the potatoes in your container as you find them.

When you are done harvesting, wash them well and allow them to dry for storage. If you choose to go after new potatoes rather than stocking potatoes, it is important to harvest them when you plan to eat them. You can harvest them when the plant has just died, but only eat them within a few days and keep them in a dark place until you are ready to eat them.

How and when to harvest potatoes as a beginner

How to properly store potatoes:

If you want to store potatoes for a long time, you must go through the processing process before storing them. You’ll also need a great place for longer storage time. A root cellar is ideal but you can do it in a basement.

Processing potatoes for storage:

  • Lay the potatoes flat on newspaper or cardboard in a cool (50-60 degrees) and dark place with good humidity for two to three weeks.
  • Make sure there is plenty of air flow in the area you choose to store.

For prolonged storage:

  • Remove any damaged potatoes
  • Put it in a paper bag or cardboard box with holes or something similar.
  • Keep it in one or two simple layers rather than a large pile.
  • Then cover it with more newspaper to keep out the light.

Potato storage location:

You’ll want to store the potatoes in a cool, dark place, cooler than the processing site. You can use the depths of your basement and refrigerator (with high humidity) around 40-45 degrees. You want to remove as much light as possible because if you get green potatoes (exposure to light) they release a toxin that hurts your stomach.

If you store and process it properly, potatoes can last for 6-8 months. If the potatoes start to sprout or turn green, be sure to compost them and let them go. You don’t want to eat these types of potatoes at all.

How and when to harvest potatoes as a beginner

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