You must have been living under a marshy rock to have missed the buzz surrounding the cinematic release of Where The Crawdads Sing, adapted from the bestselling book of the same title which topped The New York Times best seller list 2019 and 2020, totaling an impressive 32 weeks non-consecutively!

Written by American author and Zoologist Delia Owens, the story follows female lead Kya, whom abandoned as a girl, raised herself in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. Her difficult upbringing doesn’t end there however, as she finds herself at the center of a murder enquiry following the death of her former lover, of which she is now being accused of. Despite its dark and at times difficult to watch subject matter, one thing that remains captivating throughout is Kya’s cabin dreamworld, the beauty of living a life surrounded by nature, and the simplicity of the marshland.

Whilst ‘Little House on The Prairie’ cottagecore was once the goal, cabincore is the new ‘it’ girl in the world of interiors, giving a more rustic, cosy feel that conjures up images of wood fires, soup on the stove and bringing the outdoors in.

If you too fell in love with Kya’s laidback, marsh-side home and want to embody the cabincore trend in your own space, keep scrolling for the interiors additions you need to emulate her simple living energy.

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