With the arrival of Virgo season and the first of the affectionately named ‘ber’ months comes a new laidback energy that leaves us all hankering for hibernation, unadorned social calendars and Gilmore Girls on repeat.

Whilst we might still be waiting to unleash our trench coats and turtlenecks, the JOMO in September is definitely in the air. Come forth full-length PJs, roast dinners and Harry Potter marathons. Here’s 20 things to do in your equinox era aka September.

1. Desperately cling onto the last remnants of summer. RIP ice cream with every meal.

2. Go on a wild goose chase to hunt down a sunflower field.

3. And pray your BeReal goes off whilst you’re there.

4. Buy a new planner (Papier? Obviously) only to ruin it with your feral handwriting.

5. Watch the spellbinding Beauty and the Beast at the London Palladium.

6. Prepare for autumn to become your entire personality. Little Miss PSL, it’s your time to shine.

7. Experience mild panic when you realise Christmas is a mere three months away. Whaddayaknow, time flies when you’re skint and freezing your tits off.

8. Soft launch your autumn feed, even if Instagram won’t bother showing it to anyone *melting face emoji*

9. Hit up Homesense for 108 candles you don’t need. Cost of living crisis who?!

10. Celebrate your Equinox era. First sign of fall and you’re basically Meg Ryan.

11. Watch Blonde – A look at the rise to fame and the epic demise of actress Marilyn Monroe. Landing on 28 September.

12. Commemorate cuffing season. The love drought is over besties.

13. Plonk yourself in nature and soak up the fall foliage, ideally whilst listening to ‘Cardigan’.

14. Get on the pumpkin hype, starting with Zoe’s signature pumpkin spice cake. It really slips.

15. Cozy up with September’s book club pick, Hurricane Summer.

16. Panic buy an electric blanket ready for Autumn. Central heating? We don’t know her.

17. Reunite with your slow cooker. Romanticise your life.

18. Count down the days till Bake Off…

19. And Noel Fielding’s forever iconic knitwear debut.

20. Trade in your daily meal deal for soup and a bread roll. It’s officially Heinz Tomato season!

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