Listen to your body. Be kind to your mind. Have fun. Let go and grow.

Introducing: Future Self + Zoella, the let go and grow collection. Centred around the collaboration’s limited edition, bespoke print, the collection of hoodies, sweatshirt and joggers are available in four new and unique color ways, and can be perfectly accessorised with the collaboration’s matching socks and tote bag. Your autumn wardrobe just got seriously more dreamy.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s treats for the little ones too! In sizes 1-2 & 2-3 years old, choose from mini hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers & socks.

Ahead of the pre-order launch this Sunday 23rd October (save the date!), we checked in with the brand’s founders, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, to chat about the process behind bringing the collection to life, what it was like working together professionally and how they will be styling their favorite pieces from the range…

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How did the collaboration come about and what’s the story behind the collection?

Zoe: “In a nutshell, I am obsessed with and live in Future Self tracksuits and have done for years, literally since Alfie started the brand. I am, of course Alfie’s biggest cheerleader and it’s so much fun to watch all the work that goes into the brand and be on the sides.

That’s when the idea to collaborate came about as it gave me the excuse to curate my perfect tracksuits!Zoe

There were certain colors that I really wanted Alfie to make in Future Self but they’re historically more into quite earthy tones. So that’s when the idea to collaborate about as it gave me the excuse to curate my perfect tracksuits! And then along the way I thought it would be really cute to have the option of matching with Ottie- we were going to get one sample made up just for fun but when we saw it we wanted everyone to have the option to match!”

“Let Go and Grow” – We love the self-care, wellbeing wording. Why was it important that you had that mindfulness messaging in there?

Alfie: “So for me, Future Self holds a lot of responsibility- the name itself is designed to encourage and help people better their future selves, that’s the aim of the brand. So when looking to collaborate with the Zoella brand, it couldn’t have seemed more fitting because as I’m sure the readers know, Zoella is all about ability, positivity and wellbeing which aligns so well with Future Self- the synergy between the two brands couldn’t have been stronger. It wasn’t an idea to include wellbeing and mindfulness messaging in there as an added extra, it was a must have!”

What’s been the best thing about joining forces for the first time?

Zoe: “The best thing about joining forces for the first time has been the creative process. Alfie and I keep our work and brands separate and I think that’s something we’ve always been quite conscious of doing, just to maintain a healthy home life. It would be so easy for us to collaborate on so many things but we’ve decided not to so that when we are together it’s time spent as a couple as opposed to working together. But it’s been really fun seeing how much work goes into everything. I already knew that, but Future Self really is such a well-oiled machine, the team is all incredible and the product is just amazing.”

How many pieces will be available in the drop?

Alfie: “The collection mirrors the fit of the sell-out Capsule Collection and includes hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers and socks in the four new colorways and designs, plus a matching tote bag and socks too. The Kids Range includes sizes ranging from 1-3 years in Lavendula and Burro brown.”

The colors are a VIBE! How did you land on the color palette of Lavendula, Lime, Burro and Buttercream?

Alfie: “So with this collection we wanted to completely switch things up from the normal Future Self color palettes which was why I was so excited to collaborate with Zoe and the Zoella team to really bring a new vibe to Future Self and step outside the box that we normally work within. I guess we wanted to keep it as a strong mix between both brands, not just color palette wise, but on everything in the collaboration.

Lavendula and Lime are very out there, more leaning towards the Zoella color palettes and super fun and vibrantAlfie

“I feel like we couldn’t have done that more, for example Lavendula and Lime are very out there, more leaning towards the Zoella color palettes and super fun and vibrant- Zoe’s literally wearing the Lime jumper right now. I’m really happy with the color palette that we’ve ended up with because we sampled so many different color options and different pantones within each of the colors as well.”

What was the design process like?

Alfie: “The design process for this collection was incredibly smooth overall and a lot of that comes down to us working with a designer who both Future Self and Zoella have worked with across multiple projects over the past six years. The designer knows both brands inside out, which was incredibly helpful because whilst both Zoe and I had a really strong vision for what we saw the collection looking like, bringing that to life is an incredibly tough job.

“So there was a lot of meeting up in the office, brainstorming, mood boards, bringing together all the previous pieces that Future Self has released, looking at everything from the stitching to the swing tags to see which elements we wanted to bring into this collection. We actually had quite a few different ideas which we’ve kept in our back pocket for now, because if anything we had so many ideas and weren’t too sure which route to go down because we liked so many! Which I think is always a nice thing.

The let go and grow concept felt like the most natural fit, and once we had that we just rolled with it. The best moments I find are the least planned, the most spur of the moment. The most relaxed times when you’re not expecting for a new idea to come up is when those banging ideas come up.


Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Zoe: “My favorite piece, which is very difficult to say because I genuinely love everything, is the Lime tracksuit. When I try that green on I love how it makes me feel. I do also love the kids’ joggers- they are so cute. And of course the tote bag which is genuinely so great and I cannot wait to use it.”

Alfie: “I think the brown tracksuit is my fave, mainly because I would never have bought one previously, but since developing this one I really love it. It’s an unexpected favorite of mine!”

How will you be styling the collection in your own wardrobes?

Zoe: “I pretty much live in Future Self tracksuits, especially after having Ottie, because they are genuinely the comfiest tracksuits you will ever own.

I love styling them with an oversized trench coat, a beanie, some socks pulled up and some chunky white trainersZoe

I wear them in the house, but I’m also a real advocate for tracksuits out of the house. I love styling them with an oversized trench coat, a beanie, some socks pulled up and some chunky white trainers- I just feel like it’s such a vibe. You can feel optimum cosy on the days where it’s really cold or rainy by putting on your tracksuit and then smartening it up with a really nice coat, a beanie and some sunglasses.”

For the first time ever, we have mini sweatsuits! Why was it important that kidswear was part of the offering?

Zoe: “So we weren’t initially going to do kidswear at all- it was only because I really loved the collection and colors that we wanted a mini version of what we were making just for Ottie. It was only once we saw her in it and we were like, okay, maybe there will be other people out there that also wanna match with their mini me.”

Alfie: “We decided to do a very limited amount, but, you never know, if there’s more of a demand and people want more or different colors or sizes, then it’s definitely something we can think about for any future collections.”

How do you want people to feel when wearing the edit?

Zoe: “It personally makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together, but I’m comfortable doing it. Do you know what I mean? I’m comfy at the same time- that’s what we want everyone to feel like- a sense of being their best selves, and cosy but also with their shit together.”

There’s definitely something about wearing the collection whilst doing something that you love that we want to focus on. Whether you’re working out at the gym, sitting on the sofa reading a book, or if you’re meeting your mate for a coffee, whatever it is, the collection is about letting go and growing into the person you want to be.


Favorite place to wear yours?

Zoe: Genuinely? Just ALL the time. I wear it everywhere, out on a walk, into town, just whenever I wanna be comfortable. A flight, a long drive, laying on the sofa, working out, I’m probably wearing it. If I’ve got a day with loads of meetings in the office, I’ll also be wearing it. It allows you to be comfortable and feel good at the same time.”

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