In a world of ever deafening noise and the pressure to constantly strive for more, peace is a feeling that feels continually difficult to come by. Two years since the dreaded panini And life began to come to a full halt, it can feel even more difficult to now strike the balance of a fun and busy life, with peace and contentment too. But the truth is: sometimes being busy is a coping mechanism, and jumping back into ‘normal life’ becomes the excuse.

“A boring life is usually a peaceful life but if you’ve experienced chaos, it will not feel like that,” says lifestyle and family blogger, Grace Victory. “⁣We often chase the high, the excitement, the big moments, because the every day feels far too mundane to us, but as I heal parts of my disjointed self I realise that’s where the magic is. A normal and somewhat boring life means no drama, no fuss, no disorder and that’s exactly where I’d like to be. Centred. Grounded. Rooted. At peace with the small and intimate opportunities.⁣” Hear, hear!

As we look to the smaller moments within our day with gratitude and a newfound perspective on the importance of the seemingly forgettable things that bring us peace, here are 50 tiny joys worth remembering when building a life that recognises happiness in all its forms:

  • Someone asking if you want a cuppa just as the craving hits
  • Your favorite song coming on the radio when you get into the car
  • Someone telling you they loved a book you recommended
  • When your hair is greasy AF and you remember it’s hair wash day
  • Waking up before your alarm goes off and knowing you still have time left to sleep
  • Reduced supermarket flowers when your current bunch are on their way out
  • Stepping into a hot bath at the end of a long day
  • Walking barefoot in the grass on a summer’s day
  • Fresh bedding on a Sunday night
  • A weekend afternoon nap, just because
  • Whiling away an afternoon people-watching in a coffee shop
  • Catching an unexpectedly beautiful sunset
  • Finally finishing a job you’ve been procrastinating
  • When you buy a loaf of bread or croissant that’s still warm
  • The first sip of cool wine on a Friday evening
  • Finding an underappreciated gem in a charity shop
  • Having the time to make a good breakfast
  • Finishing your to-do list earlier than expected
  • The first bare leg day of the season
  • Coming home to a tidy house after a long trip away
  • A houseplant growing a new leaf
  • When something you were going to buy anyway goes on sale
  • Spotting the first flower of Spring poking through the morning frost
  • Holding hands with your love
  • An empty email inbox
  • Receiving a handwritten card
  • A cool shower after a hard workout
  • The day a new season of your favorite show drops
  • Realizing your hard work has paid off
  • Bumping into a friend unexpectedly
  • A stormy evening when you’re warm in bed
  • An unexpected message of appreciation from a loved one
  • Checking your bank account and realizing you have more money than you thought
  • Getting the last remaining BLT with your Tesco meal deal
  • Closing the cover of a great book
  • Belly laughing with your best pals
  • A Bank Holiday that slipped your mind
  • Your favorite artist performing your favorite song live
  • Sunshine on your skin after a dip in the sea
  • When your car has more petrol than you thought
  • The smell of rain on a summer’s day
  • A day dedicated to cleaning the house top to bottom
  • Showering after a day at the beach and devouring a bag of lays on your hotel bed whilst on holiday
  • Craving a really specific food and finally getting to eat it
  • The mini head massage you get when your hairdresser washes your hair
  • Screaming a throwback song with your besties when you should be winding down at the end of a night out
  • The smell of the first BBQ of the year
  • Getting Worlde in under 4 attempts
  • A Fanta Lemon on a hot day
  • Being the first one up in the house on a weekend

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