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We’re super excited to unveil the brand-new exclusive jewelry collaboration between Zoella Founder, Zoë Suggand Carrie Elizabeth Jewelery – the female-founded online jewelry retailer specializing in affordable luxury.

Co-designed by Zoë and Carrie Elizabeth Founder, Carrie Dennahy; The 14-piece collection features ten rings, two styles of hoop earrings and two necklaces – crafted in both gold vermeil and sterling silver, so there’s a piece for every mood and occasion.

With inspiration drawn from Zoë’s own personal style, which is also true to the Carrie Elizabeth signature look; The collection has been created to stack and layer, encouraging wearers to build their own curated combinations and express their individuality.

With a focus on semi-precious stone stacking rings and celestial motifs, the Beautiful Moments collection takes its inspiration from nature and the beauty in the world around us, inviting those who wear the pieces to delight in the small joys and simple pleasures of life. From reading a book to romanticising your morning coffee or phone-free walks, it’s a celebration of all the subtle magnificence that surrounds us.

Jewelery is very special to me. I am a very sentimental person, so I have a lot of jewellery that is very meaningful. I love how it can take you back to a moment. I think that’s really powerful.

Zoë Sugg

The collaboration of two jewellery devotees was a natural pairing, following Zoë’s personal love for the brand – and Carrie’s fondness for Zoë’s creativity and style.

Zoë and I have known each other for years – we’ve often slid into each other’s DMs talking about jewelry and how much we love it.Carrie Dennahy

Carrie recounts, “Zoë and I have known each other for years – we’ve often slid into each other’s DMs talking about jewellery and how much we love it. I love everything about her; I love her style, I love how authentic she is, I love how her personality exudes through everything she does.” Rings are central to this stunning collection, influenced by Zoë’s love for dainty stacking styles, enabling the pieces to be seamlessly mixed and matched. Each ring is also available in a size-inclusive range spanning XXS to XXL.

Three of Zoë’s personal influences formed the foundations of the wider range; Including the ocean, two meaningful stones and an existing piece of jewelry from Zoë’s personal collection gifted by her partner, Alfie Days.

Carrie adds, “A few things inspired us when we first started talking about collaborating. Number one; Zoë really loves the beach so we wanted to incorporate some waves within the styles. Number two; Zoë loves moonstone and peridot especially – as this is Zoë’s daughter’s birthstone – so they are the two gemstones we’ve focused on. And number three; a little ring that Alfie made for Zoë, which I spotted during our consultation meeting. So we’ve done our take on that which I love so much.”

The Birthstone Stacking Ring is the piece which draws inspiration from Alfie’s special gift to Zoë, and forms a significant piece in the collection. Available for all twelve months of the year, the rings are perfect for collecting and stacking the meaningful birthstones in your life.

I love that we were able to incorporate my two favorite gemstones into the collectionZoë Sugg

“I love that we were able to incorporate my two favorite gemstones into the collection,” Zoë reveals. “I’m always very drawn to moonstone – I think it’s very pretty and elegant and I love that it goes with everything. Plus, peridot is quite a significant stone within my family. I also love the color green, especially at this time of year – it’s such a beautiful color especially mixed with all of the other jewellery,” she says.

Additionally, the Peridot Duo Ring, which has a large baguette-cut peridot stone sat closely alongside a smaller stone, symbolises the strong mother and daughter bond that Zoë holds with both Ottilie and her own mother.

Zoë continues, “I really love the Peridot Duo Ring. This is my daughter Ottie’s birthstone, so it was quite special to get that into the collection and I love that it is a double stone ring, with one of them bigger and one smaller – a bit like me and her, which I really like! “.

The collaboration campaign inspires you to ‘collect beautiful moments’ – the little, seemingly insignificant moments that make life special; Including some of Zoë and Carrie’s personal favourites, such as sunset coastal walks, moments of calm in the countryside when no-one is around, or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

The collection was inspired by the sea and I just love it, walking on the seafront and being near the sea – that’s a beautiful moment for me.

Zoë Sugg

Being based in Brighton, Zoë’s beautiful moments are often inspired by the beach which is her favorite place. With a love for nature and the ocean, she was motivated by the greens and blues of the waves, finding them reminiscent of moonstones. The brand has also incorporated a water-color wave print within the jewelry packaging, to give that extra special finishing touch Carrie Elizabeth is known for.

‘Beautiful Moments’ by Carrie Elizabeth x Zoë Sugg is available to purchase NOW! The capsule collection starts from £60.00 and will be available to shop throughout the rest of the year.

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