Whether you’re jetting off to Sorrento or sunning yourself on a beach somewhere in the balmy Balearics, nothing signals the start of a holiday quite like getting a fresh manicure for the occasion. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

Passport, check. Boarding pass, check. Out of Office ON, check, check, check! *cue the smug “bye guys!” As you waft out of the office without a care in the world to the soundtrack of Madonna* Here are 30 holiday nail art designs to secure for your next trip away!

1. Annual leave never looked so good.

2. This is your sign to Summer in Italy.

3. Match your mani to your holiday destination.

4. A fresh set for the airport run.

5. Double the inspo!

6. Brb, booking flights to Miami…

7. 1000 X fire emojis.

8. Still on that Love On Tour hype. Never. Gonna. Recover.

9. Just enough for the minimalist gals in the room.

10. Love Island babyyy.

11. Going places ✈️ featuring our very own Zoe Sugg’s 10/10 mani.

12. You are the in-flight entertainment.

13. Factor 50 and nothing less.

14. Immaculate dopamine vibes only.

15. Pride prep, completed it.

16. In your Carrie Bradshaw era.

17. OOO: Activated.

18. If Hunza G did manicures.

19. Alexa, play Break My Soul.

20. Bottega green is a personality type.

21. A fruit salad masterpiece.

22. Barbie on vacay.

23. Checkmate.

24. Just missing a jug of sangria.

25. Poolside with a packet of Lay’s within reach. This might just be the happiest you’ve ever been.

26. In a long term relationship with lobster linguine.

27. Big Mamma Mia energy.

28. It’s giving gelato.

29. Zeena never misses.

30. Did someone say Fanta lemon?

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