We’ve never met an autumn we didn’t like.

The cosy charm of October is simply unmatched, with Halloween, pumpkin patches and crisp mornings giving us all something to smile about. And by Jove are we due some serotonin after the September we’ve just had.

But hey, a whole year ago we were out on the BP forecourt, jostling with jerry cans and wondering if we were ever going to make it from pump 2 to pump 3. So, comparatively, things are looking… up?

Grab your remote and your sad girl autumn dressing gown, here’s 20 things to do in the season of spook, Taylor Swift’s new album and Hocus Pocus 2.

1. Get swept up in the hype of beauty advent calendar launches. Size *does* matter and The Sunday Times Style came to win.

2. Frantically cobble a fancy dress outfit together for Halloween, knowing full well you’ll end up going as an incredibly average cat again or Cruella de Vil at a push.

3. Accept *the hold* that cinnamon rolls have on you at this time of year and lean into it. You and Gail’s are thick as thieves.

4. Eat a roast dinner every Sunday until March.

5. Guzzle apple cider like it’s the elixir of youth.

6. Watch Hocus Pocus 2. The long-awaited sequel is finally here. Come sisters, we fly!

7. Live your best When Harry Met Sally life amongst the autumn foliage.

8. Tuck yourself in for Bake Off every Tuesday, snacks in tow.

9. Turn down any social event based on the parking situation alone. Self-love is going home if you have to parallel park.

10. Discover the spine-chilling tales of Fleet Street’s demon barber with a Sweeney Todd walking tour for two and uncover the truths about Mrs Lovett’s deliciously meaty pies.

11. Hibernate with one of these quintessentially autumn reads.

12. Look into buying an electric blanket or a 6ft hot water bottle. The heating will see no action this year. None at all.

13. Watch The Policeman for the plot. The plot being: Harry Styles. In cinemas October 21.

14. Get an air fryer. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

15. Countdown to the limited series The Santa Clauses based on The Santa Clause film franchise. Bernard the know-it-all elf is back and all is right in the world. Energy price hikes, a new imported-cheese-hating PM and the cost of living crisis aside. Streaming on Disney+ November 16.

16. Crave banana bread for the first time since 2020. Hello darkness my old friend.

17 Wrestle with the urge to put the Christmas tree up. It’s a genre.

18. Find yourself getting excited for the John Lewis advert…

19. Listen to Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Midnights’ on repeat.

20. And enjoy thirteen beautiful sleepless nights whilst you’re at it.

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