Between the pages of a book is always a good place to be but finding a position that’s a) comfortable and b) you can hold for the long haul, is another story altogether. Pins and needles, cramp, paper cuts to the forehead – bookworms know the struggle all too well.

Ask any book lover what’s at the top of their bucket list and you can guarantee it’ll be a room of one’s own. And by room, we mean home library or a cozy hideaway to spend quality time with their beloved stack.

If a separate space in your house is not readily available, rest assured the same peaceful sanctuary can be achieved with a bit of creativity, considered design and mood lighting. Whether you want to spruce up a wasted corner of your bedroom with a comfy armchair or go full-on Beauty and the Beast style with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the spaces below will inspire your slice of interior calm, inviting you to recline in style, be it in the comforting embrace of a reading nook, a cozy alcove for the kids or a restful window seat with a view. Hibernation mode: activated.

Keeping things light and airy makes for a calming space to settle down with a good classic.

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One for the country house aficionados.

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This design had us at floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Swoon.


Category is: sad girl autumn. The fire is crackling away, the pumpkin spice is spiking. It’s time for the annual reread of Little Women.

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The curves, the symmetry, the ladder. Need we say more?

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The bookish bedroom of cottagecore dreams.

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Warm wood textures, complementary tones and plenty of natural light make this reading room a visual feast.

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Interiors guru Kate Watson-Smyth’s living room-cum-library is every bibliophile’s idea of ​​heaven. Top of our list? Those vintage Jindrich Halabala chairs.

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Rainbow spines and antiques, Tanbir’s reading nook is the definition of tranquility.

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An attic library with a *round* bookcase. Groundbreaking.

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Layer up bookshelves with their favorite reads and use faux sheepskin and cute decorative items such as string lighting, bunting and cuddly toys to create an inviting space where you can both wind down before bedtime.

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A cosy reading den to encourage imaginative play and bookish curiosity.

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The question on everyone’s lips: Is the toadstool available for grown-up reading nooks, please?

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Every home library needs its own book trolley.

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Carefully curated shelves, fresh blooms and an armchair that hugs you back – a necessity when you’re reading A Little Life.

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