Simple self-care ideas to make self-care really easy.

Self-care is a hot topic these days and I personally have been learning in the past year as a new mom of two and while rushing into an epidemic at the same time, how important it is to think about self-care. Unfortunately, though, self-care has a lot of baggage especially for moms and women. So I contacted my friend and Holistic health practitioner and educator, Randy Kay in Fargo, ND. We sat and talked on the podcast about the issues we as women face on the journey to recovery from pregnancy and childbirth and the expectations we place on ourselves. Most importantly, it offers some amazing self-care ideas that are easy to implement without feeling heavy, unattainable, or carrying baggage. They are simple and friendly.

Ease of implementing self-care ideas:

  • Make what you already do for yourself a practice of self-care:
    This may sound vague but anything you do right now like showering or watering your garden or anything like that can become something special and can feed you. By using rituals, positive conversation with yourself, and a willingness to think about those meditative everyday things, you can feed and heal yourself little by little.
  • Body lubrication ritual after showering or in the morning:
    We hydrate our bodies every day, so make it truly nourishing with more than just a hydration method by thanking your body for its hard work and what it does. Doing this frequently can change the way we see our bodies and ourselves. It’s something we actually do but bringing intent to will add a level of connection and comfort with our bodies. You can even try this body scrub to get started.
  • Focus on natural rhythms:
    Trying to do things with the right expectations for the season you are currently in. Instead of trying to do something that is unnatural or strongly contradicts the current state of life or the season you are in, find something that integrates easily and feels natural to you. For example, planting some herbs in the summer will feel more life-giving than doing it in the winter. It is preferable to eat fresh summer salads in the summer rather than in the winter. Focus on resting in the winter rather than the summer.
  • Open yourself up to play and absurdity:
    Allow yourself to relax playing and just be yourself. Think less about what other people will think and more about what brings you happiness. Clean up while listening to your favorite song and dancing. Listen to your instincts more. Do the things that feel full of play.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be something outside that others see or experience. Self-care is about you and how you naturally fit into your life.

Randi offers a great community where you can explore other avenues of healing and self-care in accessible ways its membership community If you are interested in exploring new ways to build your confidence on your trip.

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