Margot Robbie has influenced many a trend over the years, be it from her perfect blonde locks to her enviable glowing skin. Latest on the list we hear you ask? All pink everything. Barbiecore has been crowned fashion’s newest ‘it girl’ after photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on set of the new Barbie movie broke the Internet earlier this summer, and it’s not hard to see why…

The trend celebrates everything that dopamine dressing and hyperfemininity is all about, and from pretty pastel to vibrant hot pinks, there’s no such thing as OTT when rocking this trend- that is, according to fashion’s biggest A-listers. From Sebastian Stan’s striking hot pink Valentino getup at this year’s Met Gala, to Lizzo and Harry Styles’ matching pink Gucci looks at Coachella, anyone who is anyone is wearing pink, pink and more pink. Greta Girwig’s Barbie is set to drop in 2023, and the trend is only anticipated to grow as its release draws closer.

Alas, for us normal folk a head-to-toe magenta look might not feel quite so attainable, so if you’re seeking a slightly more wearable way to inject a slice of Barbie into your wardrobe, get your bank cards at the ready…

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