Two twin brothers, both aged 14, died after they accidentally fell from their balcony on the 25th floor near here in Ghaziabad, an official said here Sunday.

The official said the accident happened around 1 a.m. at night. Apart from the two children, their mother was also present in the house located in Prateek Grand Society, Siddharth Vihar in Ghaziabad.

“We received information about the accident at about 1.05 am, after which a team of policemen rushed to the scene,” the official said.

The deceased known as Satya Narayan and Surya Narayan were both studying in ninth grade and were from Chennai.

The police official reported that their mother went to their room around 12 am and asked them to sleep early, yet the two brothers insisted on seeing the moon first. “After that, she went to her room, and later a jingling sound woke her up and she ran to her children’s room,” said the official, seeing that her two children had fallen from the balcony.

The police launched an investigation and sent the body of the deceased brothers for an autopsy.

When asked about any suicide angle, in this case, the official said it was too early to comment on that, and they are waiting for the death report.

“Further investigation is underway,” he added.

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