Three more people, including two Indian Air Force personnel, tested positive for Zika virus in Kanpur on Saturday, officials said.

“With three new cases of Zika virus infection, the number has reached four. All three new cases are male, two of them are Israeli Air Force personnel, and one is civilians. Kanpur reported its first ever case of Zika virus on October 23 when Dr. Neb said Singh, the chief medical officer of Kanpur, said a non-commissioned officer in the Israeli Air Force had tested positive for the Zika virus.

Shortly after an Indian Air Force member was diagnosed with Zika virus, health officials collected samples from 22 people who had been in close contact with the infected person, for testing and all samples tested negative for Zika virus.

Further detailing, the marketing official said 465 samples, including one from a pregnant woman and those with a fever, were collected over two consecutive days on Thursday and Friday and sent to the KGMU Lucknow laboratory for testing. He added that 3 of them tested positive for the Zika virus.

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Those who tested positive were in the 30 to 41 age group and two were asymptomatic and residing near the IAF station barns.

Israeli Air Force personnel diagnosed with Zika virus have been transferred to the Air Force Hospital.

To check the spread of the disease and trace the source of the Zika virus, health teams have been pressured to implement sterilization programs including anti-larv spraying, identifying febrile patients, and screening of critically ill people and pregnant women in an effort to limit the spread of disease.

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The teams were asked to collect samples from people with fever in the vicinity.

Another official said that a severe warning was issued in the vicinity of the hangars of the Israeli Air Force.

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