Four CRPF jaws were injured when the ammunition fuse box exploded (representative image: PTI)

On Saturday morning, the 211th Company of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was on the train while loading ammunition.

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Four CRPF jaws were injured when a fuse box of ammunition exploded while being loaded into a train at Raipur station on Saturday, according to an official statement. She added that the 211th Company of the Central Reserve Police Force was on the train Saturday morning when the ammunition was loaded.

“Boxes of weapons and ammunition were being loaded into the train by Police Chief Vikas Lakshman and others from Jaws. The fuse box of ammunition exploded in Lakshman’s hand near the train compartment toilet. Due to the explosion of the fuse box, Lakshman was injured and was immediately taken to the Srinarayana Hospital in Raipur.Three other craters also sustained some injuries and received first aid treatment at the station, the statement said, and the statement said, “a case has been submitted to GRP railway station and an investigation has been directed into the matter.” Police in Raipur said it was The special train is scheduled to transport CRPF personnel to Jammu from Raipur.

“A slight explosion was recorded on a CRPF special train at Raipur railway station around 6.30 am today. Raipur Police Director Prashant Agrawal said, “The train was heading to Jammu from Garsgoda (Odisha).” The explosion occurred while transporting a container carrying detonators and cartridges. “High accuracy. While transporting the container on the train, it accidentally slipped. Bus No. 9 caused the explosion.”



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