Two weeks after the Lakhimpur Khairy violence that left eight dead and the state at a boil, the local BJP is putting pressure on the Uttar Pradesh police to act against the farmers involved in the killing of three BJP men.

Federal Minister of State for Home Affairs and Member of Parliament for Lakhimpur, Ajay Mishra Tene, and local BJP MLA Yogesh Verma are throwing their weight behind the issue and have visited the families of the three BJP men in Lakhimpur. “We have put pressure on the Uttar Pradesh Police not to act unilaterally and we believe that notices are now being issued to 37 people in the case who were said to be involved in the murder of our three party men. BJP MLA Yogesh Verma told News18 by phone from Lakhimpur:” All those accused in this case should be punished.”

Verma said he and Teni were going to the home of the murdered BJP worker Shyam Sundar today and visited the families of Sanders, driver Hari Om Mishra and Shubham Mishra this week. So far, the police have only been stuck in investigating the first FIR in relation to the farmers’ deaths. Six people, including Ashish Mishra, were arrested and sent to prison. But action must be taken against all those accused in the accident. No action has yet been taken against those who killed our men. We are now telling IG that notices are being issued to 37 suspects,” Verma said.

Anger is rising in the ranks of the local BJP as the Uttar Pradesh police have not made any arrests so far in connection with the killing of the three BJP men by farmers. The recent statement of BJP Swatantra Chairman Dev Singh “We are not in politics to run over people with our SUVs” was also seen as disdain for the party cadres implicated in the killing of the four farmers. Akhil Bharatiya Brahman Sabha also rallies behind the families and demands new information on the names of those accused of killing the three BJP men. The FIR filed in this case was against unnamed defendants. “The BJP will ensure that they get justice,” Verma says.

lost man

The main person missing in the whole case so far is the BJP local leader Sumit Jaiswal who is the incidental complainant in the second case against farmers but also a defendant in the FIR brought by the farmers in the first case. Jaiswal is seen in videos running away from the scene after getting out of Thar’s vehicle.

“Jaiswal is a key person as he is probably the only surviving witness from Thar’s vehicle and will know exactly what happened that day. A senior police official close to the investigation told News18 that police teams are looking for him.

Police have arrested six persons so far, including Union Minister Ashish Mishra’s son, his two comrades Ashish Pandey, Luvkosh, son of former Congress Minister Ankit Das, gunner Latif and his driver Shekhar Bharti. The court has rejected bail requests for all of them so far while they are in prison. Ankit Das, Latif and Bharti were in the second SUV behind Thar’s.

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