Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a great interaction with the Indian diaspora in Italy as he was overheard speaking with the community in Marathi and Gujarati. Prime Minister Modi has arrived in the Italian capital of Rome to participate in the G20 summit scheduled for October 30-31.

He paid a flower tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi’s Square in Rome and interacted with members of the diaspora, who had gathered to get a glimpse of the Indian prime minister.

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In one of the videos, shared by Devendra Fadnavis, Prime Minister Modi is seen interacting with the Indian diaspora in Gujarati and Marathi. Prime Minister Modi interacted with an individual and asked his name and continued to speak in Marathi.

The man, Harium Kalia, responded that he has completed 20 years in Italy and is teaching yoga in the country, according to a report by news agency ANI. Kalia and his three students recited Chef Stoti who brought a smile to the Prime Minister’s face.

A woman from the crowd also interacted with Prime Minister Modi in Gujarati and was elated when he replied. The woman greeted Prime Minister Modi in Gujarati, “Narendra Bhai, Kim Cho?” ; “Maja ma (I’m fine)” replied the prime minister.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said: β€œIn Rome last night, I had a great interaction with the Indian diaspora in Italy, those studying about India and those who have developed a close relationship with our nation over the years. It was great to hear Their views on topics varied. Swamini Hamsananda Giri, Chairwoman of Sanatan Dharma Sangha, described her meeting with Prime Minister Modi as touching.”

This was not the first time that Prime Minister Modi was seen interacting with the Indian diaspora. Recently during a US visit in September, he was greeted by groups of American Indians at the airport shortly after his plane landed in Washington. In a tweet, the Prime Minister said he is grateful to the Indian community in Washington, DC for the warm welcome. Our diaspora is our strength.” Prime Minister Modi also had an interaction with Indian American CEOs during his visit to the United States.

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The Prime Minister is currently on a visit to Italy, where he met European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in his first engagement since his arrival in Rome. He had a discussion on trade and investment relations with them and also talked about the global pandemic and climate change. Prime Minister Modi will also visit Vatican City as part of his visit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also invited Pope Francis to the Vatican and discussed with him issues covering a range of areas of concern, including Covid-19, the general global outlook and the maintenance of peace and tranquility.

It is the first ever one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church. Prime Minister Modi is also the first Indian Prime Minister to have met Francis since he became Pope in 2013.

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