Aneesul Islam, who was appointed as Research Officer at the Sher-Kashmir International Conference Center (SKICC) under the Jammu and Kashmir Department of Tourism in 2016, was sacked over the weekend by the Union Territory Administration. The appointment itself has been the subject of much debate and controversy due to his separatist family background and role in the violent protests and incitement in Kashmir in 2016, known as Burhan Wani’s incitement, which claimed more than 100 lives along with the destruction of public property. worth crores.

CNN News 18 has now had access to a lengthy dossier on Anis and the Gilani family’s activities over the years, excerpts of which are being published on Tuesday.

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The 2016 agitation was the brainchild of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the All-Party Hurriyat Conference, a notorious merger of separatists. The stated aim of these organizations was the secession of Jammu and Kashmir from the Union of India and its merger with Pakistan. Anis’s father Altaf Ahmad Shah (known as Altaf Fantosh) and his maternal grandfather Syed Ali Shah Gilani were major supporters of this anti-India cartel.

Being staunch supporters of terrorism and separatism, members of the Anis family have been proven guilty of inciting and facilitating terrorism-related activities on multiple occasions. In simplified terms, Anis and his family have always been at the forefront of anti-Indian activities in the Kashmir Valley. Several violent protests in Kashmir that resulted in hundreds of deaths were carried out at the request of the family,” reveals a file accessed exclusively by CNN-News18.

File about the terrorist plot of the Gilani family

At least three individuals close to Anis have been found actively involved in separatism and terrorism, according to the contents of the file. Altaf Ahmad Shah, Anis’s father, was an early founding member of Jamaat-e-Islami (J&K), the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, and Nazim Zilla (District Chief) remained Srinagar.

Over time with his “deep-rooted connections” to the Jamaat-e-Islami, he became an executive member of the Freedom Movement led by his father-in-law Syed Ali Shah Gilani. Anis Altaf Ahmad Shah’s father is currently in Tihar Jail in a terrorism financing case brought by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Not only does Jemaah Islamiyah support the terrorist Hizbul Mujahideen, a globally designated terrorist group, but it is also responsible for fomenting and sustaining terrorism in the valley through its multiple openings. Through its armed wing, Hizbul Mujahideen, the group advocates and uses violence to separate Jammu and Kashmir from India. Although the group responsible for the recent rise in violence in the valley is the Resistance Front (TRF), which is believed to have been an offshoot of Lashkar-e-Taiba, all groups based in the valley are largely dependent on the group and Hezbollah for their local logistics. Groups and the party use coercion and fear as a means to gain local support.

Syed Ali Shah Gilani, grandfather of Umm Anisul Islam and head of the Hurriyat Movement (G), was a hard-line separatist who openly advocated the use of violence as a means to separate Jammu and Kashmir from the union of India and its integration with Pakistan. Participate in more than 100 information districts via J&K for hate speech, advocating violence and protests, making provocative speeches against the Indian establishment and security forces, calling for election boycotts of democratic institutions in India and Jammu and Kashmir, besides casting magic on terrorism. Gilani remained the face of violent Kashmiri separatism until he was marginalized by the Pakistani intelligence agency after the art was abolished. 370 in August 2019.

Turkey’s propaganda connection to terrorism

“Gilani’s granddaughter and real sister to Anis, a journalist by profession, is the multimedia heir to the separatist family,” according to the file accessed. Salam Media, based in South Africa. “Through her platform, Roa is promoting false narratives against the Indian government based on factually incorrect statements.”

“Growing up in Kashmir under the generosity of the Indian government and the protection of government forces, Roa Shah has shifted from her base to Turkey where she leads the anti-India narrative,” the statement read.

It may be appropriate to point out that a large number of anti-India Kashmiri activists have found sanctuary in Turkey since 2015, and Turkey has become a new epicenter of the narrative war against India. Roa Shah played the victim card all this time, as her brother continued to take care of the state with full benefits for a government job in India. Roa Shah uses her media and social media skills through naive platforms to spread the ideologies of her father and grandfather.”

Why didn’t the intelligence agencies take any action?

It is hard to believe that a family with such a strong separatist precedent and responsible for committing violent acts could easily position themselves in government positions without active support from within the system. The question arises: why were there no red flags from the intelligence agencies?

Reliable sources also confirmed that before his appointment to government service with a team of his “anti-India friends”, Anees used to facilitate drone operations in and around the city of Srinagar to shoot law and order incidents and other events that could be used as content for anti-India propaganda by the intelligence agency. Pakistani. “These activities of Anis indicate the hidden agenda of Anees being carried out at the behest of his close family members who were at the forefront of fomenting terrorism in Utah in Jammu and Kashmir,” the file said.

The withdrawal of doubt about Anis’s security concerns can also be balanced by the fact that the issue of issuing a passport was “not recommended” by the State Intelligence Service (CID) in 2008. However, taking advantage of loopholes and weaknesses, Anis succeeded in his maneuvers and obtained a passport with orders. From the Jammu and Kashmir High Court to visit foreign countries.

Oster from SKICC

According to the sources, the appointment of Anis as a researcher at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in 2016 was in doubt. “It can be assured that his immediate appointment to a position equivalent to OJ in the SKICC city-funded and controlled government was a bargain to bring down the violence while inciting Burhan Wani between the then political and administrative framework and the Freedom Movement leadership responsible for organizing and leading the violence. Gilani, in his capacity as Tehrik Chief He is believed to have entered the Quid pro Quo with the exemption at that time.”

Since the reliable technical evidence against Anees remains a classified matter, the people of the country are entitled to know the details of his dealings with the ISI and other anti-India activities. It is no coincidence that shortly after his return from Pakistan, within weeks, Anis was appointed to a permanent public position fully funded by the government in a manner that now turns out to be highly irregular and in violation of established standards.

The investigative agencies found that it was a premeditated decision to give the government-funded public job to Anees clear of several facts including that there was no urgent need to fill the position that had been vacant since 2005 and no list of benefits, in any selection procedure, whatsoever. , It has been prepared.

“From the beginning i.e. at the time the publication was announced, the process was manipulated by avoiding notification of an examination scheme or criteria for merit report. Sources revealed that this is another basic minimum standard always followed by any selection committee or body.

“This is also evidenced by the fact that there is an incomplete breach of several court rulings that crystallize the well-established legal norm of how much importance should be given to interview marks when determining merit. The weight given to interview marks intentionally increased against established judicial standards by 25 per cent (20 per cent). for interview and 5% for personality).

It is also important to note that the position of Research Officer at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City for the Humanities, which has been handed over to Anees, is very sensitive. SKICC is the most prestigious conference and conference facility in the Government of Jammu and Kashmir which is used for very high standard meetings and conferences. It is sensitive from the point of view of the topics and topics covered during seminars, symposia and workshops. It is also sensitive from the point of view of the VIPs under the high threat level who attend the events. Only recently, the President of India presided over the convocation ceremony of University of Kashmir at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City for the Humanities.

Could the responsibility of such an important government institution be handed over to someone who was deeply involved in anti-Indian activities with the ISI?

Disclaimer:Aditya Raj Kaul is a contributing editor with over ten years of experience covering conflict, foreign policy and homeland security.

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