A tiger that fell into a drain was rescued at a hospital in Warda in Maharashtra state after a six-hour operation on Monday, officials said. They added that the one-and-a-half-year-old tiger has been taken to the Karunsram Rescue Center and is being monitored medically. “The tiger was found in a bank at around 9 am today. We have closed doors and windows so that it does not enter the hospital building, and alerted the foresters and police,” said Abhiyoday Meghi, CEO of Acharya Vinupa Bhavi Rural Hospital (AVBRH).

We have deployed a riot squad and other police units to control the crowd at the site. A rescue team of 20 members from the District Forest Department and ten volunteers from Karunashram, a local wildlife conservation group, have started their operations. We were able to save the tiger from the drain six hours later.”

“We used three arrows to calm the animal down, with two failing to hit the target. We had to use an excavator to open the sewer to save the tiger. By the way, there is no forest in a 40 km radius of the site, so we are amazed at where it makes its way there.”

At the request of the forest department, oxygen was pumped into the closed drainage using a tube so the tiger would not die of lack of ventilation and could breathe normally, said Chandrakant Mahakalkar, AVBRH’s medical supervisor.

Kheddar said the animal will be released into the wild after a routine 24-hour monitoring in Karunshram.

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