A Singaporean of Indian origin was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to a criminal intimidation offense while being part of a four-man scheme to extort S$60,000 from a married businessman who was secretly recorded having sex with another person. A man in 2019, according to a media report. Initially, three men, including the businessman’s personal assistant, were part of this extortion scheme. They reduced the amount to 50,000 Singapore dollars.

But the police caught them before the money could be changed. They were later released on bail. However, on April 2, 2020, Tan Yongjian, who was part of the trio, wooed 29-year-old Mahadevan Edwin, a man of Indian origin, to be part of an extortion scheme, the Straits Times reported.

According to the report, Edwin, who committed the crime while being issued a pardon order, received a promise of a 50-50 split of the amount negotiated through phone calls from the 53-year-old businessman. The defendant agreed to Yongjian’s plan, as his income was affected by the economic downturn and he needed money to renovate… his new apartment (a housing unit), Deputy Prosecutor Zhou Yang told the court.

The report stated that in late 2019, the personal assistant secretly installed a camera in the businessman’s home, and left the camera in his home for nearly three weeks. During that time, he was able to record his boss having sex with another man on at least five occasions.

On April 3 last year, Edwin sent a text message to the businessman asking him to hand over S$50,000 in cash within 24 hours. Edwin also told that videos of him “performing gay acts” will be uploaded to Facebook and other forums if he fails to deliver the money on time.

The businessman initially replied that he did not have the money. But on April 4 last year, he sent Edwin another message that he needed about a week to raise S$50,000.

Edwin got suspicious and got rid of the mobile phone as well as the SIM card he used to contact the businessman, the report said. The report said Edwin committed the crime while under a remission order, just months after he was released from prison in late 2019 for crimes not mentioned in court documents.

As part of the order, he was supposed to stay out of trouble from October 9, 2019 to August 28, last year. For his breach, she added, he will now have to spend an additional 59 days behind bars.

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