As the country prepares to celebrate Diwali, only 2 percent of Indians believe that hiding compliance around them is effective, while only 3 percent feel that people in their regions and provinces are following social distancing standards, according to a survey. The survey, conducted by LocalCircles, a community-based digital platform, received more than 39,000 responses from more than 20,000 citizens in 366 districts in India on how people are complying with masking and social distancing protocols during the festive and travel season.

47 percent of respondents were from Level 1 regions, 30 percent from Level 2 regions and 23 percent from Level 3 and 4 regions and rural counties. While 65 percent of respondents are men, 35 percent are women. On the masking front, the survey found that only 2 percent of respondents said “more than 90 percent” of people in their district, district or city are committed to compliance, and only 16 percent of respondents said masked compliance is effective at airports, stations and bus stops, and so on while traveling.

According to a survey conducted by LocalCircles in September, 13 percent of citizens felt that disguised compliance in their district, region or city was high, while 30 percent of respondents felt that disguised compliance while traveling was effective. In the latest survey, only 3 percent of respondents said compliance with social distancing is effective in their region, region or city, and 9 percent of respondents said compliance with social distancing while traveling does not exist now.

According to a September survey, 6 percent of respondents said compliance with social distancing in their district, region or city was high. The survey did not measure effective compliance with social distancing while travelling. A LocalCircles survey from June, which the Union Health Department shared in a July 6 briefing, found that 29 percent of people felt hiding compliance around them was effective, while 11 percent felt complying with social distancing around them was effective. .

“The decrease in masked compliance rates from 29 percent to 2 percent and in social distancing compliance rates from 11 percent to 3 percent indicates that the vast majority of Indians believe that masking and social distancing compliance are practically non-existent in most of them,” said Sachin Tabaria, founder of Likewise, on the travel front, social distancing compliance is so poor that many citizens file complaints with LocalCircles about poor enforcement of social distancing standards at security checks, on plane rides and on buses at airports such as Delhi and Mumbai, he said.

According to a LocalCircles report, with Diwali markets, fairs and special parties taking place in cities, going out and socializing are back with enthusiasm. The report also stated that authorities should not gather large numbers of people together at Diwali fairs, as stated in a few states. Authorities such as the Airports Authority of India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Railways must ensure compliance with social distancing standards at airports and stations.

She said a special focus should also be placed on creating awareness and ensuring compliance with masking and social distancing protocols in Level 3 and 4 cities and rural areas where they are at levels close to zero. The report said that the last thing India wants at this point is a third wave of COVID-19 sparked by the irresponsible behavior of the public in general and encouraged by the lax approach of the authorities.


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