The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan encouraged Islamist terrorist groups across Asia to regroup and flex their muscles against the region’s secular governments. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has cracked down on her country’s Islamists and they hate her with revenge. These groups have been waiting for an opportunity to respond to them and the Awami League because of their strong secular credentials and pro-India foreign policy. Its government has systematically broken the back of the once powerful Islamist group, which collaborated with the Pakistani army during the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and committed atrocities against the patriots.

The group, which wants Bangladesh to become an Islamic country where Sharia laws are enforced, was barred from participating in elections by the country’s Supreme Court in 2013. The government has held war trials against some of the group’s leaders implicated in the massacre of innocents in 1971. Three were sentenced to Least of the group’s top leaders executed in 2013. Elements of the group, along with other Islamist groups that have spread in Bangladesh, are intent on removing the Awami League government and “revenge” for the “injustice” committed against them. With them.

Divided and battered, Islamist groups are waiting in the wings. Al-Qaeda announced its arrival in South Asia two years ago, and some of these items are in several pockets of Bangladesh. Thanks to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, each group is now feeling empowered and waiting for an opportunity to respond.

The communal violence in Bangladesh, which erupted on Wednesday due to rumors of desecration of the Holy Quran in Durga Puja in Comilla, must be seen in this context. Social media posts helped fuel these rumors when mobs attacked Hindu temples. So far, five people have been killed, with authorities cracking down hard on the crowds.

As is well known, rumors often cause riots in the Indian subcontinent. It is hard to imagine any minority in Bangladesh desecrating the Qur’an and that too in the puja pandal. It remains to be investigated whether such an incident actually occurred, but the damage has been done and idols in Hindu temples are increasingly targets of mob frenzy. Six idols of the Danyapara Kali Mandir in Munshiganj were vandalized before dawn on Saturday. The temple had no security and the idols were destroyed. Despite the government’s tough stance and its promise to prosecute the perpetrators, tension remains.

Bangladesh is one of India’s closest friends in the neighborhood. Since Sheikh Hasina came to power, relations between India and Bangladesh have soared. Thanks to the understanding between Delhi and Dhaka, relations remained stable even during the practice of the Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) when large numbers of people were considered “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh. India has repeatedly assured Dhaka that the NRC was an in-house exercise that would not affect bilateral relations. The attacks on Hindu temples are another attempt to disrupt relations between the two neighbors by opponents of both Sheikh Hasina and India.

It is clear that New Delhi is concerned about what is happening and the two countries are in contact on this issue. While India wants Bangladesh to ensure the safety of its Hindu minority and arrest those responsible for the attacks, Sheikh Hasina has asked New Delhi to ensure it will not retaliate against Bangladeshi targets in India. Although both countries are aware of the importance of their bilateral relations and will try to prevent any escalation, keeping fanatics in check is not easy on both sides of the border.

editorial in Daily Star The post from Dhaka said: “We hope the Comilla incident will be the starting point for exception, as nothing sends a clearer message than justice – for both victims living in fear and perpetrators. While Bangladesh must work on its poor records in this regard, what will benefit us equally is an understanding of societal policy dynamics – the powerful forces that continue to fuel societal tensions behind the scenes.”

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