After Aryan Khan’s long-awaited release after spending nearly four weeks in jail in a Mumbai drug seizure case, his co-accused Monmon Damecha and Arbaaz Merchant were also allowed to go on Sunday. At least 14 people have been released on bail in the high-profile case so far, while six remain behind bars, according to reports.

On October 3, the DEA conducted a drug raid on a cruise off the coast of Mumbai. The agency has detained, among others, the son of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan. The case has now taken many political twists and turns. Allegations of having paid Rs 25 crore to the National Commercial Bank to allow Aryan to go has led to the initiation of an investigation into the agency’s area manager Sameer Wankedi, who led the bust.

Here is a list of those released on bail in the case:

Aryan Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was released from Arthur’s Road Jail in Mumbai around 11am on Saturday, after being held there for more than 20 days. His father’s security team took him outside and brought him home. Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla has signed a Rs 1 lakh guarantee bond for Aryan’s release.

Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha

On Sunday, Monmon Damisha and Arbaaz Merchant, who were released on bail in a Mumbai drug seizure case, were released on Sunday. While Damicha was released from Pichola Women’s Prison, Arbaaz was released from Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. The two were released from prison, three days after they were released on bail in a cruise drug case. The two were released on bail by the Bombay High Court along with accused Aryan Khan on Thursday. The order for Damicha’s release was placed in a bail box outside Pichola prison late on Saturday night after the bail process for her release was completed.

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Manish Rajaria and Avic Sahu

Manish Rajaria and Avik Sahu were the first two people in a drug case on a ship to be released on bail, with the NDPS Special Court doing so on October 26. According to the National Central Bank, Rajaria was arrested for possession of a small amount of aquatic weed – a cannabis strain while Sahu was arrested for consumption.

Achet Kumar

Achit Kumar, the alleged drug dealer in the case, was released on bail by an NDPS Special Court judge in Patel on Saturday. Both Aryan and Arbaaz named Kumar as the street vendor in their statements at the National Commercial Bank. However, he was not on the cruise to Goa on the day of the raid.

Those in charge of the cruise ship party

The Special Court of the Department of National Defense and National Security also granted bail to Samir Sejal, Bhaskar Arora, Manav Singhal and Gopal Anand, who organized a rave party aboard the Cordelia earlier this month.

Ishmit Singh Chadha and Shreyas Nair

Chaddha is a Delhi resident, and drugs were found in his possession when the CNB team raided the cruise ship. On the other hand, the Central Agency accused Nir of being a street drug dealer.

Nupur Satija and Jomit Chopra

According to the NCB, both were discovered on the flight using MDMA (Ecstasy) pills. Satija, like Shada, lives in the national capital, and Chopra works as a make-up artist.

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