Ex-President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Mohit Kamboj has filed a defamation suit of Rs 100 crore against Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik for allegedly making false allegations against him and his family members in connection with a drug seizure case on a cruise ship.

Since the case – in which the son of actor Shahrukh Khan, Aryan Khan, was arrested – came to the fore, Malik has been holding regular press conferences to launch attacks on the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and District Administrator Sameer Wankedi. While doing so, he brought various allegations against others as well, including Kamboj.

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Kamboj had earlier issued a notice to Malik on October 9, asking the minister to desist from making defamatory statements. But rather than back down, on October 11 Malik repeated the allegations on some news channels. That very day, Kamboj sent another notice to Malik, asking him to prove what he said or to stop making such allegations.

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On October 26, Kamboj filed a criminal complaint before the Magistrate of the Metropolitan Court of Mazgaon requesting an order for process under Section 190 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1973, in recognition of the offenses punishable under Sections 499 and 500 (Defamation) of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

He also submitted to the Bombay High Court a claim in which he sought an injunction and decree that Malik had committed acts that constituted a civil wrong and denigrated Camboj. The lawsuit sought a permanent injunction, preventing Malik from committing such acts, and also sought an order for monetary damages/compensations.

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Kamboj’s plea mentioned his political connections and standing in the BJP Yuva Morcha and stated that he was involved in business. It adds that Malik’s allegations are malicious.

The lawsuit added that, pending the hearing and final disposition of the lawsuit, the court must issue a temporary injunction, preventing Malik from committing any act directly and/or indirectly to cause, defame, harm or injure Camboj civil negligence. Name and reputation, including but not limited to making statements about Kamboj as reported at press conferences held on October 9 and 11.

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