The Congress, which said it won the country’s freedom movement by hitting the streets, is back on the drawing board as its President Sonia Gandhi announces the launch of “Jan Jagran Abhiyan” where top party leaders and workers will take to the streets. To address people’s issues.

As Congress debated its strategy on tea and snacks inside the media room at its headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday, a little further away, Trinamool Congress held a news conference and accused Congress of slipping into its comfortable, non-confrontational territory.

Asked about TMC’s expansion plans, TMC Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Sukhedu Sekhar Roy said, “How long can we wait for the conference? Mamata Banerjee on her visit to Delhi a few months ago told Sonia Gandhi that as a national party, Congress should take the lead, And waking up from the stalemate. But now the TMC can’t keep waiting for Congress. We are a political party and we have every right to expand.”

The Congress meeting chaired by Sonia Gandhi came a day after close aide Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and former Uttar Pradesh lawmaker Lalich Tripathi joined the TMC, which is likely to be rewarded with the Rajya Sabha seat. It is very likely that the aggressive Tripathi is the key person in TMC in Uttar Pradesh.

At a congressional meeting on upcoming polls, the latest split was the elephant in the room. While not many were willing to mention the exits, the fact that the Samajwadi Party, the Adami General Party and the Trinamool Congress were growing at the behest of Congress was not lost.

According to the sources, Adir Ranjan Choudhury made it clear that no one can be trusted and Congress cannot grow if it is thinking of others and not of itself. Choudary also said that it was time for the party to have a responsible state to prevent Mamata Banerjee from infiltrating the UP. Jiten Prasada, who was in charge of West Bengal during the elections, resigned from the Congress to join the BJP.

The truth is that while Mamata Banerjee is willing to give more time to Congress due to her personal equation with Sonia Gandhi, TMC National General Secretary Abhishek is clearly a man in a hurry.

Sources say it has prevailed to the party and Mamata that Congress cannot be relied on anymore to bring down the BJP. This explains why he has made one of the most scathing comments on Congress recently.

Leaders such as Lalitesh Tripathi and Sushmita Dev, who left Congress to join TMC, mainly because of their frustration with the relaxed and laid-back style of politics, according to sources. A member of the Transitional Military Council recently said: “Attacks by our opponents on us are not considered… that is all about TMC and Mamata Banerjee. It is actually a badge of honor. Congress is afraid of getting hurt, and when you feel afraid, You can’t win the election.”

The Congress won 52 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and was a complete loss in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where it formed a government. In the following Lok Sabha polls, the Congress may not perform better and may even lose states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu as it has done well in these council elections.

According to the leaders of the Transitional Military Council, if anyone decides to nominate the Prime Minister, it is the Transitional Military Council and not the Congress. TMC has decided that Mamata Banerjee will have to show herself as the Prime Minister against Narendra Modi in the 2024 elections.

Sources also say that over time TMC will open gates to parties like the TRS and Jagan Reddyy YSR Congress as it will help them build numbers. While these parties, including Biju Janata Dal may not open their cards yet, TMC hopes that by 2024 they may shake off their hesitation and step up.

In the meantime, it is clear that the top leaders of Congress have been given a task at today’s meeting to ensure that they connect with the people, and advance their movements. But the irony is that the party, which sees itself marching on others, will have to return to the streets and monkey TMC and AAP, which are seen hitting the ground more often than Congress.

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