Approximately 7.97 lakh voters will decide the fate of 31 candidates in the upcoming by-election for the five Assam Assembly seats to be held on October 30.

Six months after the state assembly elections, the by-election is now a critical test for both the BJP and the Congress. Farewell elections will be held for the five constituencies of Thura, Mariani, Papanipur, Tamulpur and Gosaygaon on October 30.

In the recent assembly elections in Assam, Congress won Thowra and Mariani while AUDF led by Badruddin Ajmal Bhabanipur, BPF won the Gossaigaon seat and BJP ally won the Tamulpur seat.

Preparations are underway to ensure a fair process for the by-elections for the Assam Legislative Assembly.

The by-elections were necessary after the death of BPF MLA of Gossaigaon and UPPL MLA of Tamulpur constituency due to post-Covid-19 complications and MLAs of Thowra, Mariani and Bhabanipur switching over to the BJP.

A critical test for the BJP and the Congress

After the assembly elections, Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi of Mariani and Sushanta Burgohin of Thora resigned from the Congress party and joined the ruling BJP. In this game, the former US National Congress Party, Robijioti and Sushanta Burgohin, compete for BJP tickets.

The question remains whether Congress will be able to retain the two Mariani and Revolution seats. Assam Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman Bhupin Kumar Pura said his party will do better in the by-elections.

We have presented our candidates in all five seats. “We hope that our party will win the maximum number of seats in this by-election,” Bhubin Kumar Pura said.

On the other hand, the head of the BJP’s Assam unit, Bhabesh Kalita, is equally confident that the ruling party and its allies will win the five seats.

The BJP fielded its candidates in three seats, Thura, Mariani and Bhabanipur, while its coalition partner UPPL fielded candidates in the Tamulpur and Gosaygaon seats.

In recent assembly polls in Assam, the union won the Bhabanipur seat, but the winning candidate Van Talukdar has joined the BJP and is now running in the by-election.

On the other hand, the former Bodoland Territory Council (BTC) Chairman Hajrama Mahilary led by the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), who won the Gosaigaon seat in the recent assembly elections, put their candidate back in the seat.

In the latest assembly poll, which was conducted in March and April this year, the BJP and its allied partners AGP and UPPL won 75 seats while Congress won 29 seats, AIUDF won 16, BPF won 4, CPI(M) and Independent ( Raijor Dal). ) One win each. After opinion polls, Congress cut its alliance with the AIUDF and BPF.

Status of preparations and security cover

The Electoral Commission said that the election mechanism has completed all arrangements to conduct the by-elections in a free, fair and secure manner.

As a major impetus for free and fair elections, the authorities will conduct live monitoring and webcasting to administer polling day procedures in accordance with European Election Commission directives. The broadcast will take place online at all 1,176 polling stations.

Of these, 285 are in 28-Gossaigaon, 213 in 41-Bhabanipur, 322 in 58-Tamulpur, 183 in 101-Mariani and 173 in 107 constituencies.

Through the webcast, the Election Commission of India, Chief Election Officer and Local Election Officers will be able to monitor the polling process live on polling day.

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, ECI has taken every possible precaution to ensure that all polling stations strictly follow Covid-19 safety protocols for the safety of voters and election officials.

The total number of electors in constituencies is 7,96,456, and of these, 4,03,374 are male, 3,93,078 are female and 4 are transgender. Apart from these, there are also 3,165 service voters. 8,864 voters over 80 years old and 4,998 voters fall under the category of persons with disabilities.

According to the Election Commission, during the by-election, 5,410 polling staff will participate in the voting process and 1,869 polling units (BUs), 1,844 control units (CUs), and 1,861 VVPATs will be used.

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