The Bombay High Court said on Tuesday that poet Varavara Rao, accused in the Ilgar Parishad-Maoist case, who was released on provisional bail, does not need to surrender before the Taluga prison authorities until November 18, and postponed the hearing on his petition to the next stage. Month.

Rao, 82, was They were released on temporary bail for six months on medical grounds By HC on February 22 this year. He was due to turn himself in and return to judicial custody on 5 September.

However, Rao filed an application last month through his attorney R Sathyanarayanan and Senior Counsel Anand Grover, requesting an extension of the bail period. He also sought the High Commissioner’s permission to remain in his hometown of Hyderabad while he was out on bail.

However, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the agency investigating the case, has opposed Rao’s petition to extend his medical bail and move to Hyderabad, saying that the activist poet’s octogenarian medical reports do not indicate that he suffers from any serious illness.

In an affidavit submitted to the High Commission last month, the National Intelligence Agency said Rao’s medical reports did not reveal any major illness, forcing him to receive treatment in Hyderabad, nor did they form the basis for a further extension of bail.

On Tuesday, the panel of judges Nitin Jamdar and SV Kotwal postponed Rao’s appeal hearing due to time constraints.

The judge also asked Rao to file a separate petition for permission to move to his hometown while he is out on medical bail.

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As part of the strict conditions imposed on his release on temporary bail by the High Commissioner, Rao was staying with his wife in a rented accommodation in Mumbai.

At the time he was released on bail, Rao was undergoing treatment for multiple ailments at the private Nanavati Hospital in the capital, where he was admitted by Maharashtra prison authorities after the intervention of HC.

The case relates to alleged inflammatory speeches made at the ‘Ilgar Parishad’ meeting, held in Shanywarwada, Pune on December 31, 2017, which police claimed caused violence the next day near the Koregaon-Bhima War Memorial located on the outskirts of the city.

The Pune police had claimed that the café was supported by the Maoists. The investigation into the case, in which more than a dozen activists and academics were accused, was later transferred to the National Intelligence Agency.

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