With the Visakhapatnam traffic police frequently levying electronic tolls in the name of violations, people who own vehicles are facing a lot of problems.

There are some funny incidents in Vizag where the traffic police handed over some shawls to a few car owners for not wearing a helmet. What’s even more shocking is that some cyclists got hold of the challans for not wearing seat belts and others for parking at home.

Rajesh (name changed) returned home after visiting the beach with his family in a car to receive the challan. You read that he was not wearing a helmet and was asked to pay for the challan ticket. So was another case with Suresh who got Shallan for parking his two-wheeler at his home on his street due to his wrong parking.

Many non-violation and service challans incidents are a concern for many people in Steel City. To avoid frequent accidents, traffic jams and offenses of any kind, the traffic police used to take measures to enforce challans. However, people face a special situation in the name of violations.

Although they did not violate traffic rules, some were given shawls for the tricycle, not wearing seat belts and helmets, jumping on signs, etc. Interestingly, some vehicle owners received model inscriptions with false information.

People who have fallen victim to circumstances still rush to police stations in search of such false challenges. The reason for such a humiliating situation was that some traffic intelligence, SIs, police and house guards are clicking on the images of vehicles with their cameras or smartphones. Many false and inviolable pictures were sent to the police chiefs who in turn sent challans without any violations, and people who received the same dissatisfaction.

They demand the relevant officials to take immediate action to ensure false and deliberate attempts to harass people in the name of violations. A car owner with AP 31 AX 441 got a challan for not wearing a helmet at the MVP Colony in town.

Also, a Prakasham resident with his AP 39 FA 3768 got a challan worth Rs 635 for the tri ride and no helmet. Such is the case with someone in Pedda Valter who got a challan to park his car right before his stay on the street, a usual activity.

Some people checked websites and confirmed that their cars did not violate the rules. They learned that the traffic police served the wrong shawls in the name of other vehicles, while their cars were in their residences or did not violate the rules. We will see how senior traffic police officials will react to such incidents.

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