Turnout was recorded from 50 per cent to 90 per cent on THari Lok Sabha and 29 constituencies It scattered across 13 states during Saturday’s by-election, with NDP leader Abhay Chautala, who withdrew from the Haryana Assembly, resigning in protest of new agricultural laws, and Congressman Pratibha Singh, wife of late Prime Minister Virpadra Singh, among the candidates. prominent members of Parliament. dispute.

Officials said the vote passed peacefully and all Covid-19 safety measures were followed.

Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, the seat of the Mandi Lok Sabha where Pratibha Singh competes saw a turnout of 57.73 per cent. She has pitted against Bharatiya Janata Party Khushal Singh Thakur, a Kargil war hero who is trying his luck in protests for the first time.

Mandi’s seat became vacant after the death of Ramswarup Sharma (BJP) in March.

The first elector of independent India, Shyam Saran Negi, 104 years old, cast his vote At a model polling station in Kalpa in the Kinnor District.

An election official said the world’s highest polling station at 15,256 feet in Tachigang village recorded a turnout of 100 percent despite the temperature dropping to minus 16 degrees Celsius, as all 47 registered voters – 29 men and 18 women – with their voices.

The turnout in Fatehpur, Warki and Kotkhai Mountains was 66.2, 64.97 and 78.75, respectively. The by-elections in Himachal Pradesh are crucial as the assembly elections in the state are scheduled for early next year.

Results on November 2

Besides the three assembly seats in HP, bypolls have been held in five assembly seats in Assam, four in West Bengal, three each in Madhya Pradesh and Meghalaya, two each in Bihar, Karnataka and Rajasthan and one seat each in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra and Mizoram and Telangana.

Of these, the BJP had about six seats, the Congress had nine, while the rest were with the regional parties.

The Votes will be counted on November 2.


In Bihar, an estimated 49.60 per cent of the vote was registered in two constituencies of Kusheshwar Astan and Tarapore held by JD (U).


In Meghalaya, the highest voter turnout was recorded at 90.63 percent in Rajpala, while Mauflang and Mauringkning recorded 76.9 percent and 75.06 percent respectively.

Former national footballer Eugenson Linguh is running for election from Mawphlang on a United Democratic Party (UDP) ticket. He is against former Congressman MLA Kennedy C Khyriem and current District Council (MDC) member of the NPP, Lamphrang Blah.


In Haryana, 80 per cent of the vote was recorded in the Elinabad Assembly Constituency by-election, which necessitated the resignation of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) leader Abhay Chautala of the MLA in protest of the center’s new farm laws.

Chautala, son of National League for Democracy and Development Chairman Om Prakash Chautala, is competing against Congress candidate Pawan Beniwal and BJP candidate JP Gobind Kanda, brother of Haryana President Lokhit and legislator Gopal Kanda.

It is an important contest for Chautalas as Abhay Chautala won in 2010 from Ellenabad when Om Prakash Chautala vacated the seat, then held it in 2014 and also in 2019 assembly polls, when he was the only INLD MLA in the House.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

The Dadra and Nagar Haveli Lok Sabha constituencies recorded a turnout of 75.51 percent as voting ended at 7 p.m., election commission officials said.

The by-election in the constituency, which is part of the union territory of Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, was necessary due to the death of seven-time independent MP Mohan Dilkar against whom his wife Calapin Delkar is running as the Shiv Sena candidate. Mahesh Gavit of the BJP and Mahesh Dodi of Congress.

Madhya Pradesh

The seat of the Khandwa Lok Sabha in Madhya Pradesh, whose deputy, Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan of the BJP has passed away, saw a turnout of 63.88 per cent, while 64.60 per cent of the vote was recorded in the three assembly seats.


More than 86 per cent voter turnout was recorded in the Huzurabad Assembly constituency in Telangana as the ruling TRS party, the opposition BJP and Congress fought a three-way contest.

The by-election was necessary in light of Itala Rajinder’s resignation in June following his dismissal from the state government over allegations of land grab. Rajinder, who denied the allegations, resigned from TRS as he was vying for a BJP ticket.

The by-election is seen as a do-or-die battle for Rajinder, while it is significant for the BJP as it aims to emerge as an alternative to TRS rule in the 2023 Legislative Assembly elections.


In Assam, 69.60 per cent of voting was reported in five constituencies in Gossaigaon, Bhabanipur, Tamulpur, Mariani and Thowra as of 5pm.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party fielded candidates in three seats, leaving the other two seats to its coalition partner UPPL. The Congress has fielded candidates in all five countries, while its former allies, the African Self-Defense Union and the BPF, are vying for two and two seats, respectively.

West Bengal

A high voter turnout of nearly 71 per cent was recorded as of 5pm in the four constituencies in West Bengal. The BJP and the Transitional Military Council held two seats each.

Barring a few misguided incidents, an election commission official said, polling, which began at 7 a.m., passed peacefully in all four constituencies.

Clashes were reported between TMC and BJP supporters outside a kiosk in a junkyard and security personnel used batons to disperse the crowd.

Kajal Sinha’s death due to Covid-19 necessitated a sub-poll in Khardah.

According to the TMC members, Sinha’s son, Argodeep, was injured in the clash and had to be taken to hospital.

In Denhatta, heavyweight TMC Udayan Guha is looking to reclaim the seat, which the BJP snatched from in the April elections.

The by-election was necessary following the resignation of Nesith Pramanek, now the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, as he chose to retain membership of the Lok Sabha.

In Santipur, BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar has resigned from the assembly, calling for secondary elections.

Bypolls to Dinhata and Santipur are seen as a prestige battle for the BJP, which is currently grappling with a mass exodus of MLAs and senior leaders.


An average of 70 percent of voter turnout was recorded in the sub-districts to Dariwad and Vallabnagar districts of Rajasthan.

The sub-picks were necessitated by the demise of the MLA Congress of Vallabhnagar Gajendra Singh Shaktawat and the BJP legislator from Dhariawad Gautam Lal Meena.

In Vallabnagar, the ruling Congress party gave a ticket to Jagendra Shektawat’s wife, Preity Shektawat, while the BJP sent Himmat Singh Jala.

The Congress sent Nagraj Meena in Dhariwad against BJP candidate Khet Singh Meena.

Although the number of constituencies that will go to secondary polls is not critical from a government stability point of view, the results will send a message across the state about the performance of the Congress-led government, which faced significant threat last year due to the insurgency. from then Deputy Prime Minister Sachin Pilot and 18 MLAs led by Ho.


Approximately 69 per cent of voter turnout was recorded in Sindji constituency and 84 per cent in the Hangal assembly sector.

The by-election was necessary after the death of Sindgi legislator JD(S) MC Managuli and CM Udasi of BJP from Hangal and would be the first electoral test for Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who replaced BS Yediyurappa.

While Ramesh Bosanur, who came second behind Managoli in the 2018 polls, is the BJP’s candidate from the Sindhi, Shivaraj Saganar is her candidate from the Hengal constituency.

The Congress has appointed MC Managuli’s son, Ashok Managuli, who has joined the party, as Sindgi’s candidate, while former MLC Srinivas Mane is her candidate from Hangal.

JD(S), who was the first to announce its nominees, introduced 33-year-old Nazih Shakeel Ahmad Anjadi from Sindgi and 35-year-old BE, M.Tech graduate M.Tech Niaz Sheikh from Hangal.


Although by-elections for the Shamator-Chessore Assembly constituency in Nagaland were also announced, NDP candidate S Keoshu Yimchunger announced his unchallenged election on October 13.

Andhra Pradesh

A sub-poll was also conducted in Badvel seat, Andhra Pradesh, which was earlier held by YSRC.

Maharashta, Mizoram

The by-elections were held in Djellore in Maharashtra, which the Congress held earlier, and the Tuyarist assembly seat in Mizoram which recorded a turnout of 81.28 per cent.

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