Kerala Karunya Plus KN-397 Lottery Result 2021 Live Updates: The Kerala Lottery Department will be conducting a lucky draw on Karunya Plus KN-397 today Thursday 2nd December at 3pm. The lottery will take place at Gorki Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. The first prize winner will get Rs 80 lakh and the second prize winner will get Rs 10 lakh. 3rd prize winners will get 1 lakh rupees. The lottery will be conducted under the supervision of independent judges.

Check Karunya Plus KN-397’s live updates here from 3pm, when it will be announced by the Kerala Lottery Department.

Karunya Plus KN 397 lottery winning guess numbers today 2.12.2021 end with:

8912 8921 8192 8129

8291 8219 9812 9821

9182 9128 9281 9218

1892 1829 1982 1928

1289 1298 2891 2819

2981 2918 2189 2198

5 steps to claim prize money

1. Karunya Plus KN-397 lucky draw winners must confirm their winning tickets through Kerala Lottery results published in the Kerala Government Gazette.

2. If they find their ticket number in the Gazette published, they must report to the Kerala Lottery Office in Thiruvananthapuram with their tickets and proof of identity to claim the prize within 30 days.

3. Within 30 days of the results being announced, the verification process must be completed.

5. Those who won amount less than Rs 5,000 can claim their cash prize from any lottery shop in Kerala.

5. Those who have won an amount over Rs 5,000 will have to submit their tickets in front of the bank or government lottery office with proof of their identity to claim.

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Payment receipt

Award Winner Authorization Letter

Certificate from the receiving bank

Collection Bank Certificate

Kerala Lottery Next Bumper Draw: Christmas XMas New Year Bumper 2022 BR-83

This is an opportunity to become a friend by purchasing a ticket of only 300 rupees.

1. The Kerala Lottery Department will conduct a lucky draw on XMas New Year Bumper 2022 BR-83.2. The winner of the first prize will win Rs 12 crore, while those with a lucky ticket to the second prize will win Rs 50 lakh.

3. The third and fourth prize winners will get Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively.

4. So why wait. This is an opportunity to become a friend by purchasing a ticket of only 300 rupees.

5. The lottery department has printed 24 lakh tickets for XMas New Year Bumper 2022 BR-83 Lucky draw.

Types of weekly lotteries in Kerala:

  • Win Win
  • rich sacthy
  • Akshaya
  • Rahma Plus
  • Nirmal
  • Mercy

The next draw will take place on Friday for Nirmal NR-253 lottery tickets.

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