The Khasi Hills Shooting Sports Association announced the winning numbers for rounds one and two of the Morning Tier matches that took place today, October 26. The winning number for the first round match of Shillong Morning Tir, the result of which was announced at 10:30 am, is 06. The winning number for the second round of the morning match for which the result was announced at 11:30 am is 99.

Meanwhile, the much awaited betting game of Shillong Terre, which is inspired by the traditional shooting sport played in Meghalaya, will be held this afternoon in the state capital. The game is played from Monday to Saturday, and the winners get exciting prizes, as they predict the number of arrows to hit the target, also known as the Teer Dream number. If you are one of the participants who bought a ticket for the shooting match in Shillong Terre on October 26, you can view the results on the official portal of the Meghalayateer Lottery Division:

Today’s match in Shillong Terre will see a team of 50 archers from 12 shooting clubs of the Archery Sports Federation of Khasi Hills participate in the match and shoot the target towards the goal. Participants are asked to place their bet on the number of shares they think will hit the target in the game of Shillong Teer, which is played in two rounds. Archers are given 30 arrows each for the first round, while the same number of archers are given 20 arrows each for shooting at the target in the closing round of the match. Participants are free to bet on just one or both Shillong Teer. The first round of the Shillong Terre match will start at 3.45pm on Tuesday, while the next round will start an hour later at 4.45pm. The results of the first round will be released to the public at 4.15 pm, followed by the winning list in the second round which will be released at 5.15 pm on Tuesday.

Participants who win the bet in the first round get 80 rupees for each Re1 ticket they bet; Whereas those who won the bet in the second round have a claim of over Rs 60 per Re1 ticket they buy. On some rare occasions, when a participant predicts a bird’s dream number for each of the Shillong Teer rides, they are given Rs 4,000 for each Re1 ticket they buy and bet on.

If you are interested in participating in the following games of Shillong Terre, you can place your bets at any state approved ticket shop in Meghalaya. These shops are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 3:30pm.

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