Christian community leaders across India expressed their appreciation for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday. In their first-ever meeting, the leaders discussed a wide range of issues including Covid-19, the overall global outlook, and maintaining peace and calm.

Kevin Matthew Sunny of Kerala Christian Forum said the meeting was a welcome sign. When asked what message it would send regarding communal harmony and peace if the Pope came to India, Sunny said it would be a very positive message; That India welcomes all castes and religions, in line with the country’s values ​​of secularism. Indlikha Joseph, a church law activist, said she welcomed the meeting because Pope Francis’ position was “completely progressive”.

The Archbishop of Bombay, Oswald Gracias, said that the Pope was very interested in India and had often asked and talked about it. “I think it will lead to more communication and cooperation. I think it will be beneficial for the Catholic Church, India and for Prime Minister Modi himself.” Republic TV mentioned.

He said thank you Republic TV The importance of the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis will demonstrate the necessity and usefulness of cooperation.

The Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference said the papal visit would pave the way for dialogue between Christianity and other religious groups in India. They said, “The papal visit will also promote brotherhood and cooperation among India’s polyphonic community.”

Archbishop of Cuttack Bhubaneswar and Head of Churches in Odisha John Barua said Indian Christians are very happy that “our president met Baba”. “For sure, the relationship will grow. We have been looking forward to this meeting for many years. We are happy and proud of it” Years Barwa said it.

Father S. Shankar, a spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi, called the meeting “great news” not only for Christians but for every Indian. “We wanted the Pope to visit India. We hope that the Pope’s visit will come as an opportunity to promote interfaith dialogue and harmony,” he said. Years.

Meanwhile, athletes across India also reacted positively to Modi’s meeting with the Pope. Anju Bobby George, an Indian long jumper, said it was great to see Prime Minister Modi meet with Reverend Bob. “It is indeed another step towards building the new India, realizing the dreams and aspirations of the rising billion people,” she said in a tweet on Twitter.

Indian cricketer Robin Ayuda Uthaba described the meeting as a “great step forward towards peace, harmony and interfaith dialogue”.

Across the political spectrum, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Konrad Sangma, expressed his delight at the meeting. “This is a historic moment of great significance to Christians across India and the world. God bless them,” he said in a tweet on Twitter.

BJP spokesman Tom Vadkan described the meeting as “a very important gathering of eminent representatives of the democratic spirit and Christian faith”.

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