Police officers in riot gear stand guard near the farm laws protest site at the Singo border. (Reuters)

On 12 October, Lakhbir Singh was summarily executed, his hand amputated and his body tied to a metal barrier at the protest venue in Kundli near the border between Delhi and Haryana.

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The head of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, Vijay Sambla, said Tuesday that the Haryana government has released half of the compensation amount to the next of kin of a Dalit man, who was executed at a farmers’ protest site on the Singu border. On 12 October, Lakhbir Singh was executed, his hand cut off and his body tied to a metal barrier at the protest site in Kundli near the Delhi-Haryana border, a horrific incident blamed on a group of Nihang.

In a statement, Sambla said that through the Atrocities Prevention Act, the Singh family will receive compensation of Rs 8.25 lakh. “Besides, young Lakhbir Singh girls will get free education, living money and the victim’s mother will get a monthly stipend. The commission has asked the Haryana government to ensure the immediate release of the financial aid so that the family who lost their breadwinner can meet their daily needs,” Sambla said. “. He added that on Tuesday, the Haryana government released the first installment of the compensation amount and Rs.4.15,000 was transferred to the bank account of Singh’s wife. Sambla said those organizations and individuals, who have launched a call for a boycott of the victim’s family and those who are already boycotting it, will also be punished under the Atrocity Prevention Act. In a video of the October 12 incident that went viral on social media, some members of the Nihangs are seen standing while Singh was lying on the ground in a pool of blood with his severed left hand lying next to him.

In the clip, the Nihang family is heard saying that the man has been punished for desecrating a Sikh holy book.

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