On Monday, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said there were deliberate attempts to harm Maharashtra through the cruise drug confiscation case and claimed, “Some of those responsible will be revealed.” Speaking to reporters here, Raut also claimed that someone named Sam D’Souza, seen in some photos related to the arrest of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the cruise drug case, was “Mumbai’s biggest money launderer”. He further claimed that D’Souza was in good contact with politicians and bureaucrats.

On Sunday, an “independent witness”, Prabhakar Sil, claimed that an NCB official and other persons, including two fugitive witnesses K.P. Gosavi and D’Souza, they demand Rs 25 crore for Aryan Khan’s release. The issue of drug reservations for cruises. However, a senior central bank official later denied the allegations, calling them “utterly false and malicious.”

Aryan Khan was arrested by the Central Bank on 3 October and is now under judicial arrest. The three ruling parties in Maharashtra – the Shiv Sena, the National Congress Party and the Congress – have questioned the work of the National Central Bank in the case. On Monday, Raut said that a small video clip (appearing on social media) shows the presence of Sam D’Souza, who is the biggest player in money laundering in Mumbai. He is in good contact with politicians, IAS officials and even customs and income tax officials. It’s a big game and they just started it. Maharashtra is being deliberately offended by such a situation. Alleged Rajya Sabha member, I think some officials will reveal here.

On Sail’s claim of Rs 25 crore for Aryan Khan, Raut said, He (Sail) has done a great service to the country by speaking out about the fraud. I appreciate his courage. He exposed everyone in the National Central Bank and the officials involved in it. Earlier, Raut said in a tweet on Sunday, β€œWitness in AryanKhan case for signing white paper by NCB is appalling. There are also reports that there is huge demand for money. CM UddhavThackeray said these cases were made for defamation of Maharashtra. This seems to be coming true. The police should take full note of it.”

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