WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 (AP) Under the Capitol Building, President Joe Biden on Saturday praised the downfall of law enforcement officers and honored those who fought the January 6 rebellion at that very location by declaring because of you that democracy survived. Biden spoke at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service to remember the 491 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2020. 150 officers were injured and five died in the aftermath of the attack.

Nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thwarted an unconstitutional and fundamentally unAmerican attack on our nation’s values โ€‹โ€‹and our voices. Biden said democracy survived because of you. Because of these men and women, we avoided disaster, but their heroism was a cost to you and your family.

Hundreds, officers, and their families sat on grouped chairs in the western front of the Capitol. Some rolled their eyes as the President linked their loss and his own history of grief, including the deaths of his first wife and two children, comparing it to the loss of a part of your soul. Biden also stressed the heavy burden placed on law enforcement officers, and rebuked the political police movement, saying those who gathered before him would have more resources, not less, so you can do your job.

We expect everything from you and it is beyond anyone’s ability to meet overall expectations, Biden said. Being a policeman today is much more difficult than it has ever been. Biden cemented his working-class roots, noting that he had many childhood friends who became police officers, and said he had spoken at the event many times before. But while Biden throughout his political career has sought to identify with the uniformed forces, the organization that ran Saturday’s event, the National Police Fraternal Organization, backed Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and many police officers of the ranks backed the former president. .

Biden’s efforts to pass a sweeping police reform law to tighten practices collapsed after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with congressional negotiators declaring in September that talks had ended without an agreement. That was a setback for the Democratic president, who has called for police changes to be needed. In addition, his gun reform agenda has largely faltered, and his initial choice to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms waned in the face of fierce opposition. More recently, Biden expressed hope that he can still sign a sweeping police reform bill into law, while exploring further enforcement actions to help hold police officers accountable for violating the law.

At the ceremony, Biden expressed his concerns to all officers in the line of duty and stated that the three deputies had opened fire in an ambush early Saturday while they were working at a bar in Houston. One deputy was killed. (AFP).

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