Famous ethnic clothing brand FabIndia pulled its ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ collection on Monday after #boycottFabIndia started appearing on Twitter. Fab India tweeted about their group ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ on October 9, with the post, “While we welcome the Festival of Love and Light, Jashn-e-Riwaaz, from FabIndia is a group that beautifully pays tribute to Indian culture…”. The post bore a picture of men and women dressed in ethnic red.

FabIndia has removed the tweet and pulled the ad, after an uproar by Twitter users accusing FabIndia of discouraging the Hindu festival of Diwali. Among those who raised vehement objections to the Fab India announcement was BJP Yuva Morcha, Tejas in Surya, who tweeted, “Depavali is not Jash e Rewas. This deliberate attempt to highlight Hindu festivals, depicting models without traditional Hindu attire, should be called upon. That brands like FabindiaNews bear the economic costs of such deliberate adventures.”

Several Twitter users said a simple Diwali wish would have been good enough to promote the brand. Some saw it as absolutely unnecessary to dismantle a Hindu festival just to promote secularism and Islamic ideologies.

BJP’s Uttarakhand MLA Rajkumar also tweeted along the same lines, “Depavali is not Gash i Rewas… Period!!! It seems that Fab India did this on purpose to hurt Hindu sentiments. #BoycottFabIndia”, Rajkumar wrote, Which attached a screenshot of the original FabIndia post.

Soon after the uproar, a video, where people were seen using a FabIndia kurta as a cleaning cloth, went viral.

FabIndia isn’t the only brand that had to pull its ad after the Twitter uproar. There have been other brands in the past such as Tanishq, which has been taken over to promote interfaith marriage through its advertising. Maniavar, another clothing brand, faced off, #boycottmanyavar, when a new ad starring Alia Bhatt tackled the “Kanyadaan” tradition of Hindu weddings.

The Times of India quotes a company spokesperson as saying, “Our Diwali collection, called ‘Jelmel C Diwali’ is yet to be launched. We at Fabindia have always advocated the celebration of India with its myriad traditions in all forms. In fact,” Fabindia – Celebrating India’ is our logo and also a text tag. The current capsule of our products under the name Jashn-e-Riwaaz is a celebration of Indian traditions. This phrase literally means, ”

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