The Aryan Khan case has once again shed light on the dark drug epicenter of Mumbai. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has conducted several raids on alleged drug suppliers and even arrested some in connection with the case.

Now, many netizens are claiming that the NCB team led by Mumbai District Manager Sameer Wankedi was attacked by a crowd of 60 people in Goregaon recently. It is also said that the media deliberately ignored the incident.

a Facebook user He wrote a long post in Hindi that translates to, “A utterly brave incident occurred in Gurigaon, Maharashtra yesterday, but our media hardly paid any attention to it. A team of six officials from the National Central Bank led by Sameer Wankedi went to Gurigaon after obtaining information about the property of a street vendor. : As soon as the seller arrived to deliver the medicine, the team grabbed him and forced him into their car, and he started screaming, and a crowd of 60 people attacked the NCB team.

“Then a mind-blowing move came from Wankidi. He pulled out his gun and threatened to kill the peddler sitting in the car. Feeling he was dangerous, the mob retreated. Soon, the Mumbai police arrived and took control of the situation. The peddler was arrested and the central bank team returned, this incident also calls into question In the credibility of the Udhav Thackeray government and the Mumbai police, how did such a huge drug speculation thrive under their noses?

The Indian Anti-False War Room (AFWA) has found the viral claim to be misleading. Goregaon Police and Wankhede confirmed to us that this is a one-year-old incident. No such incidents occurred recently.

Using keyword research, we found that on November 22, 2020, six NCB officials were attacked by a mob during a raid on LSD suppliers in Goregaon, Mumbai. Wankhede was leading the operation. While the team was trying to arrest the street vendors, about 60 people gathered there and attacked the team. Two central bank officials were injured in the accident. However, timely assistance from the police helped to control the situation.

Contrary to the viral claim, the modes It was widely Covered accident at that time.

In order to be doubly sure, we contacted Wankhede, who told us, “Although such incidents continue with us, the incident in question is old. Two NCB employees were injured in this attack.”

We also spoke to a police officer from Gurgaon Police Station, who told us that no such incident has occurred in the area recently.

Since the Mumbai cruise drug seizure investigation began, a lot of misinformation regarding Wankhede has been spread on social media. Also previously, AFWA debunked two of these false claims.

In August this year, a The National Commercial Bank team was attacked by a Nigerian gang after they recovered narcotics worth Rs 1 crore at Mancord in Mumbai.

In short, a one-year-old incident of a mob attack on an NCB team in Goregaon has been shared as recent.

ClaimA team of six National Central Bank officials led by Sameer Wankedi was recently attacked by a crowd of 60 people in Gurgaon, Mumbai. conclusionThe accident happened last year. No such incidents occurred in Gurgaon recently.

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