On Saturday, a special court sentenced Yojendra Sagar, a former Bhujan Samaj Party (BSP) member, to life imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 rupees in connection with the kidnapping and rape of a student 13 years ago.

Additional government defender Madanlal Rajput said he was convicted by Judge Akhilesh Kumar for the April 23, 2008 kidnapping of a female university student from Pilsi, Uttar Pradesh, and subsequently raped on multiple occasions.

In the event of non-payment of the fine, he will be subject to an additional prison sentence of three months.

After the order was issued, the former Legal Aid Act was taken into police custody. He was then taken for medical check-ups and Covid checks.

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Yogendra Sagar has so far been out on bail filed by the Supreme Court. The BSP MLA was from Bilsi’s headquarters in Budaun District at the time of the accident.

What was the incident?

During the trial, the girl testified that Sagar held her at his government residence in Lucknow, and raped her and two other men.

The court sentenced the other two – Tejendra Sagar and the aliased Neeraj Minu Sharma – to life imprisonment earlier.

She said after she was kidnapped she was taken to various places, including Delhi, and the three raped her repeatedly.

As police and media pressure escalated, the accused left the student in front of a police station in Muzaffarnagar.

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Currently, Yogendra Sagar is a BJP member, his son Kochagra Sagar is a MLA member from the Bizoli constituency, and his wife Preity is the Panchayat district chief.

(With input from Ankur Chaturvedi and PTI)

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