JA Washington, Oct. 26: Former US envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Republican strongman Mike Waltz on Tuesday called for an alliance between India and the United States that would allow both countries to maintain and expand their global power. As a nuclear power with more than a million soldiers, a growing sea, a first-class space program, and a proven history of economic and military cooperation with the United States, India will be a staunch ally, writes Healy and Congressman Waltz in the latest issue of the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine.

Waltz is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, and the Republican vice president in the India Caucus. An alliance with India would allow both countries to maintain and expand their global power. They argued that this would enable the United States, along with Japan and Australia, to constitute a real deterrent to potential terrorist threats in Afghanistan as well as confront China.

Arguing that after the withdrawal, only India could effectively monitor Afghanistan, Halley and Walls wrote that only New Delhi could track China’s southern flank. India operates the Farkur Air Base in Tajikistan, the only air base within close proximity to launching counter-terror attacks in Afghanistan. With an alliance, they wrote, India could allow us access to strategic bases to protect US interests in Afghanistan and the wider region.

An alliance between the United States and India would also give us an advantage over China. Like the United States, India recognizes that China is a rapidly growing threat. Halle Waltz said China is not only trying to take advantage of our withdrawal from Afghanistan, which runs counter to the interests of the United States and India, but is also putting pressure on India on its borders. The two Republican leaders said the alliance between the United States and India would give China pause before expanding into Central and South Asia.

We will build on solid ground. Just this month, the US military conducted joint exercises with hundreds of Indian soldiers in Alaska to enhance cooperation and better prepare for cold mountain conditions such as those in the China-India border region, they wrote. The alliance would also acknowledge the changing geopolitical realities in the region. China’s new aggressive stance towards India was not accidental. It is part of a broader plan. They said the Chinese Communist Party has become more emboldened after garnering support from India’s longtime enemy, Pakistan.

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