With a population of around 14 lakh, Goa is a relatively smaller state.

TMC staff and senior leaders, including the Chief Minister of Bengal, are working overtime to reach out to the women.

Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee wants to repeat its success in Bengal in Goa now. Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee arrived in Goa on Thursday for a three-day visit. There are several reasons behind the decision of the Transitional Military Council to enter the military battle in Goa; The secret lies in the party’s recent victory in Bengal.

One of the main reasons behind Trinamool’s landslide victory in the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections was the overwhelming support of women for Mamata Banerjee. Before the elections, the Prime Minister also promised to provide financial assistance to women through projects such as Lakshmi Bhandar.

With a population of about 14 lakh, Goa is a relatively smaller state. Of the 14 lakh, 49 percent are women, and this high percentage of female voters is precisely the reason why the TMC is desperately trying to enter a country largely dominated by the BJP and the Congress.

TMC staff and senior leaders, including the chief minister of Bengal, are working overtime to reach out to women and exploit anti-BJP sentiment in the state. Apart from Mamata, MP Lok Sabha Mahwa Muitra has also been put in charge of Goa. Several women leaders have also been transferred from the party to the state.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, along with Trinamool cadres, is expected to visit three temples and speak with fishermen and civil society representatives in the coastal state. A good performance in Goa will cement its national image as well. The TMC is currently looking to become a national party and lead an anti-BJP coalition to the center in the elections of 2024. For this reason, they are targeting states like Goa and Tripura.

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