The Allahabad High Court, while refusing to pay bail for an accused gang rape suspect on Saturday, said consensual sex with Raed was not a “crime” but “immoral, immoral and contrary to established Indian traditions”.

Judge Rahul Chaturvedi rejected the bail request of one of the four defendants in the case and said it was the duty of the man, who claims to be the minor’s friend, to protect her when she was sexually assaulted by the other defendant.

“The moment the applicant claims that the victim is his lover, it becomes his binding duty to protect the dignity, honor and reputation of his girlfriend. If the girl is an adult, then having sex with her consent is not a crime, but it is certainly immoral and immoral, and it is also not in line with established social norms in society Indian”.

The court called the plaintiff’s behavior extremely unfortunate and inappropriate for her boyfriend, noting that he “remained a silent spectator when the other defendants brutally sexually murdered his beloved in front of him” and “make no effort to put up strong resistance on his part so that the soul and body of the victim may be saved from further slaughter from before these vultures.”

According to the FIR, on February 19, the victim, a resident of Kaushambi district, went to attend sewing lessons at an institute and spoke to her boyfriend Raju and they both planned to meet.

Later, they met in a secluded place near the river. And here the other three people came and assaulted and beat the plaintiff and committed the crime.

On February 20, an FIR was filed by the 15-year-old victim against four accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Rape, Assault and Criminal Intimidation of the IPC Act and Sections 5 and 6 of the POCSO Act at Akil Sarai Police Station Kaushambi. .

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