The Delhi High Court has ordered the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to pay more than 50,000 rupees to a former employee, who was unlawfully terminated, noting that the man had been running from pole to pole for the past several years. Raj Singh, who was hired as a driver by AIIMS sometime in the 1980s, will also be receiving Rs 19,900 in pension each month.

According to the petitioner, he was illegally fired, after which he went to the labor court. Singh said in his petition that the Labor Court ruled in December 1998 that the termination was an unfair labor practice.

The Labor Court order was challenged before various forums, and the Supreme Court eventually rejected the Special Leave Application (SLP) submitted by AIIMS on 3 June 2016.

The petitioner, who is represented by attorney PT Cole, provided statutory notice to the authorities seeking to comply with the arbitration award and paid the amount, but it was not paid. After that, he applied to the Supreme Court.

Judge Prathiba M Singh directed to pay the man Rs 50,49,079 as salary for the period from 4th December 1998, which is the date of his grant, and the date of retirement, which is 31st October 2016, his leave and confiscation. Reward. He was directed that Rs 19,900 would be paid to him as a monthly pension.

This amount was calculated by the authorities and reported to the court. However, the basis of the calculation has not yet been clarified. “However, given that the petitioner (Singh) has been working from one column to the next since 2016 when the Supreme Court rejected the SLP so far, the defendants (the authorities) are directed to make the payments under the order dated March 9, 2021, on October 30 / October 2021 or before, for the petitioning worker,” the Supreme Court said in its October 12 order.

The court was also told by Solicitor Sonali Malhotra, who represents AIIMS officials, that the worker is also required to deposit Rs 30,000 as a lifetime validation amount for enrollment in the Employees Health Scheme.

For this, the court said that due to the length of time that Singh had been involved in the current lawsuit, the sum of Rs 30,000 must now be deposited on his behalf by AIIMS itself, instead of the costs of the long-running lawsuit.

It said all outstanding and payable amounts will be released by October 30, and a statement of compliance detailing the account details and the manner in which it was made, as well as confirmation of payment, will be submitted on or before November 15. The court required the petitioner’s attorney to provide the details of the worker’s bank accounts to the AIIMS attorney to transfer the payment.

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