On Thursday, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia said planes, ships, metro and railway stations will be announced to mark the moment when India achieves the goal of giving 100 crore doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The target of 100 crore for a dose is expected to be met by October 18 or 19, he said during the launch of a coffee table book on Covid warriors.

Total vaccine doses administered in the country exceeded 97 crore on Thursday with 73 per cent of all adults taking the first dose and 30 per cent receiving both doses.

“The nation is fast approaching the 100 crore vaccination mark! Rs 97 crore dose of COVID-19 vaccine given so far. Keep it up India, let’s fight Corona,” Mandaviya tweeted.

“After achieving the 100-crore dose, we will move into mission mode to ensure that those who took their first dose also take their second dose to ensure they are protected from COVID-19,” he told reporters.

Mandaviya said Spicejet will wrap the planes with posters of 1 billion vaccines with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and healthcare workers on the day the Rs 100 crore target was met.

He released 13 videos of COVID-19 warriors and a coffee table, published by the Ministry of Health, to honor them. From eight states, 13 Covid warriors, including doctors, ambulance drivers, volunteers and other health care workers, have been identified as ‘soil sentinels’.

The coffee table book commends the ambulance driver, who, without waiting for the completion of the last rites for his loved ones, hastened to resume his duties.

“With the spread of the vaccination campaign in India, the challenge was not only demographic but also topographical. The credit goes to the healthcare team and frontline workers who took it upon themselves to ensure everyone was covered. It was not an easy task as the deep-rooted hesitation had to be overcome. and countering pervasive myths about vaccination.”

The book salutes doctors and nurses in a remote tribal area, who have worked tirelessly to overcome the entrenched hesitation against vaccination in his community, so that science may prevail over superstition.

The book celebrates young volunteers, ‘Sathiyas’ (friends) of Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram, for finding innovative new ways to break myths and to take the lead in making their community understand the importance of vaccination in keeping them safe from COVID-19.

One of the most important aspects during the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination campaign was providing people with factual information on a real-time basis. Community radio stations played an important role in spreading correct information to people at a time when most of them were confined to their homes.

The book also pays tribute to some of the community radio announcers who encouraged communities to get vaccinated and got the talk by being the first to do so themselves.

About the Biological E vaccine, Mavdaviya said that due to the delay in receiving the raw materials, the Biological E vaccine has been delayed but by the end of November the data will be provided..

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