Once the five-page order was passed by Judge N.W. Sambre, Bail Grant Aryan KhanIn the hands of a junior lawyer in the legal team of lawyer Satish Manishindi, they scurried through the majestic lanes of the Bombay High Court of the Mumbai Sessions Court, which is only a stone’s throw away.

Some members of Maneshinde’s legal team were in the registration department on the third floor of the Court of Session and Civil in Mumbai, while others were inside Court Room 44, on the first floor of the adjacent building.

A little later, Manishende himself entered. He expected the Supreme Court to issue an order, imposing certain conditions and a mandatory statement by one or more guarantors therein.

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Waiting in the court of hearings

A guarantor is a person who provides security for the accused in court. Courts generally say that the guarantee should be of a certain amount, i.e. 1 lakh rupees, as in the case of Aryan Khan. So a certificate is obtained from the tehsildar office stating that the value of the property owned by the person standing as security is more than 1 lakh rupees. Maneshinde kept his people at the ready in the tehsildar office. The moment the court order stated that the guarantee should be Rs 1 lakh, his team got the testimony straight away.

After Maneshinde reached the courtroom, actor Juhi Chawla walked in around 4.30pm. She was supposed to stand in the witness box, but since the court was hearing the bail suit of two other defendants in the same cruise drug case in which Aryan was arrested, Chawla waited.

Meanwhile, Manishende was waiting for his chance to speak before the court. When he finally got up to speak, he immediately told the court that the High Court had issued bail, and the guarantee was also present.

“If the court can process the release early, so that I don’t spend another night in jail. Our papers are all ready. The solvency certificate will take some time,” Manishndi said, asking the judge to look into the guarantee and try to dispense with the procedure.

However, the judge refused. Manishende explained that Judge Samper had only delivered the operational part of the order and that the detailed order would only be available later.

Shortly after, attorney Tarek Sayyad, who is representing Aryan’s friend Arbaaz Merchant, spoke in court and said that he was unable to get the procedure done in Tseldar’s office and that he was told it would take about seven days to complete the procedure.

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star strike

Meanwhile, Chawla signed some documents and handed her Aadhar card and passport to the judge for verification, she was asked to enter the witness box around 4.50 pm. The judge asked her her name and she immediately replied, “Juhi Chawla Mehta.” The judge asked her who she would appear in Marathi, but she did not understand the question. The judge asked her again in Hindi “kiske liye” (for whom). She answered this: “Arian Khan ki li” (by Aryan Khan).

Once Judge VV Patil was satisfied with the process, Chawla walked out of the witness box and again sat in court while Maneshinde said, “Although I am not entitled to speak on behalf of the others (the defendants in the case), there is nothing to stay in this state.” Everyone should be given bail. That’s what happened in the Rhea Chakraborty case. As soon as Rhea got out, everyone got out.”

While leaving Manishende, his team accompanied Juhi Chawla to the register and then returned to the court to complete the proceedings. Wherever she went, people crowded the place and started taking pictures with her. Since the court staff from other courtrooms had also arrived at courtroom number 44, the staff there objected and asked everyone to click pictures outside because clicking pictures inside the courthouse is not allowed. Chawla immediately sneered, “You give us the order, we’ll all go out.”

Some selfies and some group photos later, Chawla is back again to sit in court. Finally, shortly after 6 p.m., Chawla’s work was done and she left the courthouse. As she was leaving she said, “I’m so glad it’s all over. Aryan will be home soon.”

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Delayed writing drop

However, the work of Mancindee’s legal team is far from over. They returned to the department with the signed documents to get the release order stamped and stamped.

A little after 6.30pm, Manishinde’s son, Nikhil, came rushing outside and actually threw the envelope into a car that was waiting outside. With the envelope safely stored inside, Shah Rukh Khan’s high-end car drove towards Arthur Road Prison.

According to the procedure, the envelope should have been dropped before 5.30pm in the large, worn out black box outside Arthur Road Prison. But due to the delay, Manishende said Aryan Khan will not be able to get out of jail on Friday.

The two cars that were heading towards the Arthur Road prison turned right before entering the prison. The document is expected to be dropped into the box sometime during the night as the box will open at 5.30am on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the mannat is decorated with Diwali lights as the festivities will begin once the prodigal son returns home.

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