After meeting Samir Wankedi, a member of the National Commercial Bank, on Saturday, the deputy head of the National Committee for Classified Classes said, “I think he is from a specific sect.”

Sameer Wankedi (Photo: file)

Sameer Wankidi (Photo: file)

Sameer Wankedi, Director of the Mumbai District in the Narcotics Control Bureau, met the Vice-Chairman of the National Committee for Classified Castes (NCSC) in Mumbai on Saturday and handed over a request to him.

Following their meeting, Vice Chairman Aaron Halder said he believed Samir Wankedi “is from a specific sect”. Aaron Halder said, “Having included in his complaint, I believe he belongs to a specific denomination. He has denied allegations of any religious conversion.”

This comes days after Maharashtra state minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik suggested that Sameer Wankedi is a Muslim who forged his caste certificate in order to qualify for civil services under the scheduled caste quota.

Nawab Malik tweeted a photo of what he claimed was Samir Wankhid’s birth certificate on October 25.

Then, Samir Wankedi registered a complaint with the National Security Services Committee, and the committee launched an investigation into the matter. Wankhede also released a file A press release denies the allegations and says his father is Hindu While his late mother was a Muslim.

Samir Wankedi said: “The publication of my personal documents on Twitter is defamatory in nature and an unnecessary violation of my family’s privacy… The nature of personal attacks, defamation and slander pains me.”

Malik’s deputies Several allegations were made against Samir Wankedi from the National Commercial Bank since the Central Agency’s investigation into the prominent figure Mumbai cruise drug case It started on October 2.

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