In an alarming revelation, a study conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering at BITS Pilani in Rajasthan found that half of the land under the greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area would be flooded if it received continuous rain for 17. days.

The study, conducted on Urban Flood Risk Analysis of Buildings within the boundaries of Greater Hyderabad Municipality, revealed that areas near Musi River and Hussain Sagar face the most flood risk than others.

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Taking into account the historical heavy rainfall for eight consecutive days in 2016, the study found that if Hyderabad had rainfall of 440.30 mm for a period of 17 days, 334.23 square kilometers of GHMC would be completely submerged in water. If it rained 624.2 mm for 19 days, 357.97 square kilometers of GHMC would be inundated.

The study, which was conducted on the basis of a hydraulic model to assess the depth of flooding, is about analyzing the construction risks and the effectiveness of different flood adaptation strategies to mitigate the construction hazards caused by urban floods in a climate change scenario.

GHMC covers a total of 650 square kilometres.

The areas under GHMC that are most prone to flooding are in the northern parts of Zones 1 and 5 – Kapra and Saroorngar which lie under LB Nagar District and the southern parts of Zones 13 and 15 – Karwan and Mushirabad.

Many low-lying areas of Hyderabad were flooded as torrential rains swept through the city and various other parts of Telangana on Saturday. Official sources said the rainfall amounted to 78.5 mm in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), followed by Pathukama Konta (77.8 mm).

They said several other areas of the city experienced moderate rainfall. Nagaram in the Suryapet region received 95 mm. The sources said that Ranga Reddy, Kumram Bhim, Midak, Yodadri Bhunjir, Medshall Malagiri and other areas also witnessed rain.

In Mahabubnagar district, the body of a man, who was said to be mentally ill, was found in a low-lying area of ​​Gadcharla town after rain and the cause of death was not immediately known, according to police. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) here said that heavy to very heavy rains are very likely in isolated places in Adilabad, Kumram Bhim Asifabad and other areas from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

She also said that it is very likely that heavy rains will fall in isolated places in Manchirial, Nizamabad, Jayashankar, Bhopalpali and other areas during the same period.

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