Immediately after his arrest, police said that a woman was killed by a maniac lover after he cut her to pieces with an axe in Ahwar district of Rajasthan state.

According to reports, the victim Shanti Devi is the mother of two sons. Her husband Chantial works in Maharashtra. On Sunday, I went to Jojawar Nadi to work with MGNREGA. While she was working, 21-year-old Ganesh Meena, a resident of the village, called Devi and told her he loved her.

When Shanti Devi rejected his advance, Ganesh attacked her with an axe. He continued to penetrate her until her last breath. After she died, Ganesh hugged her body and lay on the floor.

According to the police, while Ganesh was hacking, other MGNREGA workers stepped in to save her but withdrew after Ganesh threatened to kill them all. Even after the police arrived at the scene, Ganesh refused to leave the body. Finally, he was weaned and transported in a truck.

Police said Ganesh Meena, a resident of Thanola village, had a one-sided mania for Shanti Devi. He had been teasing and stalking her for several months. Shanti Devi had complained to her husband, Shantiel Chaudhry, who tried to make Ganesh see meaning but to no avail.

Shanti Gomaram Chaudhry’s brother-in-law has filed a murder case. An autopsy will be done upon arrival of Shanti Devi’s husband from Maharashtra.

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