NK Arora warned that despite the encouraging results, an ongoing vigil is necessary. (Reuters)

Dr NK Arora added that the way forward is to effectively follow appropriate behavior for Covid and get every adult vaccinated.

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National Task Force member and Chair of the Covid working group of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), Dr NK Arora, said on Monday that no new type of coronavirus has emerged in the past six months.

“However, there must be strict Covid discipline before and during festivals,” he said in an interview with Times of India, adding that the way forward is to effectively follow Covid-appropriate behavior and get every adult vaccinated.

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Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Health on Monday said that more than Rs 102 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been provided to states and union territories so far. She said more than Rs 10.72 crore and unused COVID-19 vaccine doses are still available with states and UTs to be given.

The center is committed to accelerating the pace and scaling up of COVID-19 vaccination across the country. The ministry said the vaccination campaign has been intensified by the availability of more vaccines, highlighting the availability of the vaccine to states and UTs to enable better planning by them, and simplifying the vaccine supply chain.

As part of a nationwide vaccination campaign, the center has been supporting states and UTs by providing them with COVID-19 vaccines for free.

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